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  1. FrankGrimes wrote *I'm one the worst offenders of wandering. * It happens to the best of us *Fascinating. Call me sexist, but I'm really surprised to see a young girl like yourself taking this path. It's refreshing to me.* I don't think that's sexist at all: I definitely see that. Well, I don't honestly know anyone "in real life" who cares about these films, male or female, but online I find about five young guys to one girl who do. The ratio may actually be worse than that, if anything. *You'll find a very receptive audience to 30s and 40s American films on this board. That
  2. An *age* later... I guess I did wander away! FrankGrimes wrote: *The more quirks the better. I will tell you that your eclectic taste in film is definitely above my head, which is what interests me. So how did you acquire your art film taste?* Well, the TCM staples were where I started when I first became "serious" about film. Trying to uncover all the essentials led me to IMDb, both the top 250 list and discussion boards, which got me on to some of the classics of world cinema. Not much really stuck until, quite at random, I picked John Cassavetes' Opening Night off the library shelf
  3. Greetings, _Frank_ & _ChiO_ ! You're absolutely right. I won't hide my love for John ever again. He's been my guy ever since I got "seriously" into movies (whatever that means ) and I shall shout his name in the streets! Heh, yeah, Rohmer & Haneke look odd next to one another, don't they? I hope you get a chance to look at Rohmer. I have a suspicion most classic movie fans would appreciate him. Or at any rate, I find myself having to defend him as much as classic cinema in the other internet movie forums I frequent against charges of being "anti-cinema" and "mere stage plays.
  4. Five guys is somewhat easier for me to narrow down than five ladies, but still... Oh, and order doesn't mean anything past #1. Otherwise, the list could very well change daily! Cary Grant William Powell Robert Montgomery Charles Boyer Fredric March
  5. Hi Ava, Sorry, I'll try to explain my comment. There are about 20 actors I'm so crazy about I want to watch every single film they've ever done, regardless of whether the film itself interests me at all -- the pleasure of watching them is so great! And then there are another 100 actors, probably more, whom I always enjoy watching when I come across their films, but I wouldn't go out of my way to see all their films. And Henreid falls into that category. If I were checking out the TCM schedule and saw an interesting film starring Henreid I'd probably tune in, yeah, he's a defini
  6. Embarrassingly, I wouldn't even know McCarey yet if not for Irene! But those two are so impressive (both all-time top 100) that I really respect him tremendously already, and plan to see a lot more.
  7. My favorites, more or less just the classics directors (otherwise, you'd see John Cassavetes, Alain Resnais, Pedro Almodovar, RW Fassbinder, Woody Allen, Jean-Luc Godard, Ingmar Bergman, Robert Altman, Michael Haneke, Eric Rohmer &c... ) h5. *ERNST LUBITSCH* Trouble in Paradise Cluny Brown One Hour with You h5. *BILLY WILDER* The Apartment Sabrina Double Indemnity h5. *HOWARD HAWKS* Bringing Up Baby His Girl Friday Only Angels Have Wings h5. *PRESTON STURGES* The Lady Eve Unfaithfully Yours The Palm Beach Story h5. *ROUBEN MAMOULIAN* Queen Christina Love Me
  8. Fun! I can't resist this sort of thing. There are a lot of foreign-accented greats I'd love to fit into my 'family,' but couldn't honestly picture it. Mother: Irene Dunne Father: William Powell (let's recreate Life With Father hilarity, oh yes) Sisters: Frances Dee, Carole Lombard, Margaret Sullavan Brothers: Fredric March, Robert Montgomery Aunts: Katharine Hepburn, Shirley MacLaine Uncles: Edward Everett Horton, Cary Grant Grandmothers: Cecil Cunningham, Barbara Stanwyck circa Walk on the Wild Side ! Grandfathers: Humphrey Bogart, George Sanders Is it problematic that I would
  9. Irene is my favorite. I never get tired of her films -- and I've seen almost all of them. Picking just one is hard -- my absolute favorite is The Awful Truth, but other excellent films include Love Affair, Theodora Goes Wild, A Guy Named Joe, My Favorite Wife, Penny Serenade and the underrated and underseen Together Again, When Tomorrow Comes, Unfinished Business, The Silver Cord... &c &c! Like most people I discovered Irene through the Cary Grant collaborations, and I think they might just be my favorite onscreen couple of all time, just edging out Cary's films with Katharine Hepb
  10. Those will hold me over nicely in the meantime, metsfan! :swoon: I just love that film.
  11. This might just be my favorite number in all the Lubitsch musicals -- this or "Let's Be Common" from Love Parade . SO funny -- Miriam Hopkins has such a delightfully vague quality in all her Lubitsch roles, she's adorable...
  12. Henreid is awfully underrated, has a quiet sort of warmth in everything I've seen him in. He's the sort of guy where I would probably not watch a movie just because he's in it, but when a movie starts and I find his name unexpectedly in the credits it heightens my anticipation. Hey picture people, does anyone have a good shot of the more famous cigarette scene in Now, Voyger ? I was looking for it the other day and was shocked to come up empty. It's my favorite Bette movie after Eve so I wouldn't cry if I had to rent it and screencap it myself, but I'd be very grateful if anyone had a pic
  13. Oh yeah, that was me who replied! Your post actually inspired me to comment here for one of the first times! (I love the TCM boards and would love to be a regular poster, but it's a bittersweet reminder that I don't get the channel right now, and sort of depressing seeing what awesome films y'all are watching and I'm not! haha)
  14. I love Ernie! A few movie friends & I recently had a "race" to finish the available Lubitsch movies, coordinated with the release of the Musicals box set. What great fun it was to take in so much of his work all at once! I didn't "win," but I've now seen everything by the man I can get my hands on. Trouble in Paradise and Cluny Brown are probably my overwhelming favorites, but I've never known such giddy pleasure like his musicals!! Does anyone know of any other great parody/homages to Lubitsch musicals like Love Me Tonight ? I might just possibly prefer LMT, and I wonder if there's an
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