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    TCM Remembers

    I wish they'd re-release the 2001 and 2002 ones. I read a rumor that they felt they'd left out some important actors or that they couldn't legally use the music any more. Wouldn't it ever be possible for Sabotage to recreate them with the right actors and maybe different music?
  2. I'll keep my eyes open, but I haven't seen one since, I think, Omar Sharif.
  3. You know those brief little clipreels of one minute or less when someone dies? I went looking for one for Gene Wilder tonight and someone told me TCM had stopped making them. Is this true?
  4. I think that I also may have been thinking of this: www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1487003/Lost-Victorian-films-saved-from-destruction.html which is about the Huntley Collection.
  5. http://www.dreamshore.net/bluejay/godiva.jpg
  6. I'm not sure where issues with the website (not a discussion board problem) should go... I just looked up the page discussing "Race & Hollywood: Asian Images on Film" and noticed that the year this was presented is nowhere on the page. It's not there for any of the other Race & Hollywood pages either. ??
  7. I just followed the instructions in this thread. I searched on "If I Had A Million" which I know they're not showing anytime soon, figuring I'd have them send me an email when it is on. I did it just as you said, and there was no email reminder link on the right-hand side of the page. I even went back to your instructions to make sure I was doing everything right. Have they changed something just since you posted this? Edited by: KTJ on May 7, 2012 4:03 PM (typo)
  8. After the way they found Metropolis, I would be willing to believe practically anything!
  9. Thank you. I signed up for that forum and immediately received an answer to my question. The films are the Mitchell and Kenyon collection of everyday life in Edwardian England. They were very carefully restored by the BFI and are now available on DVD. There is a long article about this on Wikipedia.
  10. I could have sworn that I saw several news stories about this sometime in the last seven or eight years. An abandoned camera store in a large eastern city (not NYC, I think) was bought and going to be renovated. In the back, they found a lot of old wooden barrels and inside were a lot of films. I think that they were not dramas but more like actualities or newsreel type footage. Apparently they'd been made by these two brothers who were really into experimenting with film in the earliest days. This was definitely in the U.S., this was not the New Zealand Vault story. Edited by: KTJ on Jan 13, 2012 12:58 PM ~ It was a camera store.
  11. Well, I couldn't believe they had this whole Jean Simmons festival and didn't show The Egyptian!
  12. I have February, May and June. What is your email address? Bluejay
  13. This is a very minor gripe I have. Notice it's not the films that I'm talking about: they are fine. I'm talking here just about the display, the graphic they show between films to let you know what's coming up. Does anyone else find this year's graphic kind of blah and uninspiring? And... is it me or does it look like Facebook?
  14. I spent several years happily watching classics on AMC with Bob Dorian. I honestly thought that AMC and TCM were owned by the same company and that they had decided to make AMC more modern and show all the golden oldies on TCM. I used to yell at Robert Osborne "Who are you and what have you done with Dorian?" AMC used to put on promos that were supposed to be staged in a radio studio. They had a guy at a stand-up microphone with his hand cupping his ear reading in dulcet tones what AMC was going to show next, and occasionally a commercial chorus in the background. You expected them to tell you to go right out and buy Sal Hepatica or something. If they had those kinds of commercials I would have no objections whatsoever. TCM occasionally shows the same lineups I remember from my AMC days. Last fall they showed The Ex-Mrs. Bradford back to back with the original Raffles. I still have a videotape I made of AMC doing the same thing in 1992. I miss Bob and I really miss Remember WENN. Edited by: KTJ on Feb 25, 2011 3:04 PM
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