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  1. My fav, Irene Dunne did a remake of a movie 'Back Street' whe she has a life long affair with a married man. It's so sad and endearing. I rarely get to see it, but never miss it when it comes around. & Ms. Godess, I agree with you on Vivien Leigh. After seeing her also in 'That Hamilton Woman', I don't think anyone else could have done a better Scarlett. If GWTW were anything like that movie I'm sure he would have watched it by now and loved it. No one could accurately play Scarlett but Viv because she was born for the role.
  2. I would want to come back as Tracy Lord (Katherine Hepburn) in the Philadelphia Story. I already have the red hair! All that money, the kooky family and three men in love with you at one time. & That two of them are Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart gets extra points! & Ralph Bellamy wasn't bad looking back then either....
  3. The Toy Store scene??? To anyone who has purchased this DVD of 1938 Christmas Carol version with Reginald Owen and Gene & Kathleen Lockhart. Does it contain the oft omitted toy store scene?? After Scrooge's eppiphany, after he names Fred his partner, they go by the toy store, wake up the owner and make him open the toy shop so that Scrooge can purchase the toys to take to Tiny Tim's house. This scene is soooo often cut from this film. But it makes it ever more enjoyable. Can anyone please tell me if this scene is intact on this DVD??
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