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  1. No DVD seems to be available, but here http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title.jsp?stid=86627 is a chance for you to access TCM's database and vote for it's DVD production as well as recommend it for a TCM schedule.
  2. Broderick Crawford's THE MOB was great fun, and even with a wonderful closing line. It's no Grace Kelly telling Cary that "Mother will LOVE it up here", but it's a good funny closing.
  3. I'm glad TCM showed this 10 hour event, including the encore of the two-and-a-half hour J'ACCUSE. This was still far less programming time on geniune and rare classics than TCM devoted to MEN IN BLACK, VOLCANO, TERMINATOR and all the new films they're wasting time on while so many other stations (TBS, USA, A&E, AMC, Bravo, SPIKE, TNT) are showing those, too.
  4. This is the precursor to some digital-rights-management tactic where the data will be interlaced with licenses, not just logos. Films aren't for the audience - they're only for the distributors. They must have a wonderful time - they may end up with all the films.
  5. RUSH HOUR 2 is starting to make its common monthly runs on TBS, TNT, Spike, USA already, starting with the Sunday night, April 13th showing. Only 9 more scheduled before TCM's June showing. Oh yeah, EVERY fan of that movie will wait until then... yeah, I'm sure... Nice way to waste a time slot. Oh well, I guess reshowing MEN IN BLACK and VOLCANO for the 3rd time couldn't work? Too bad.
  6. Thank you, TCM, for doing the research and broadcasting both of these. There are aspects of each film to enjoy. Thanks.
  7. Una O'Connor is at the top of her scream-queen abilities here. Considering the state of effects at the time, I consider this one of the best-ever in FX. Watching the chair-seats being "implanted", the "invisible" photography inside the head-covering bandages. The bicycle was a minor and common effect at the time, but the footprints, the smoke around the 'invisible man' - some excellent work.
  8. I don't think there's any argument about who beat who. Maybe who SHOULD have fought back at some point-! haha
  9. This is the only way TCM can compete with TNT, Spike, USA, TBS, etc. I'm sure DUMB & DUMBERE and ACE VENTURA will be added shortly so TCM can join in with those other stations when they show these films 17 times in a month. TCM can make it "18". Whoopee. Hurray for VOLCANO and MEN IN BLACK, too. Pass the pitard, or is TCM using it too frequently these days?
  10. Well, I think the PIX IS WORTH 1000 WORDS formula has been blown up. I don't think I've seen 5 pix that could be exponentially valued like those, FrankG. I think GG's status is perfectly captured in those.
  11. MONSTER ON CAMPUS is another fun entry. This was released in 2005 as part of BestBuy's ULTIMATE SCI FI COLLECTION VOL. 1, along with Mole People and Monolith Monsters, and a couple of others. The quality of the DVDs were better than expected.
  12. I also liked the comparison to MONOLITH MONSTERS as well as Q-MASS #1, and I'd definitely rate it as the best of the blob-type films. X is another good entry into a 'suspension of criticism' series where atmosphere and willingness to buy into the story overcomes all criticisms of weak special-effects. THE BLOB, unfortunately, has too many poorly-scripted and directed scenes for me to let its fun overcome all of my criticisms. "They're just too dumb!" is my frequent criticism of that film. X, MONOLITH, Q-MASS could have a few of those lines thrown at them, too, but their atmospher
  13. Very exciting! I didn't realize THAT Brownlow was involved in one of my favorite 'fantasy' films IT HAPPENED HERE. While not a great work, it is a favorite one, and I hope he's proud of it.
  14. I've often wondered what coffee consumption would have been if they'd had GOOD coffee in the '50s and early '60s instead of the dregs that were more profitable. For WWII vets, that was still far better than they'd had for most of those years, of course. To FrankG from the other thread, no, no substantial kickbacks but if Ollie ends up on palm tree islands, I'll know he took the loot and didn't share it with me. And if both of us end up there, then we probably won't write back at all. (ha ha) You're the folks who would get free coffee for supplying so many good photos. The folks a
  15. Laffitte & Kim, it's clever to see BB edit out his original error denouncing Kim's typo by making his own. Oh well... at least's right now. Good film that our British friends are happy to avail to USA audiences even though the DVD makers aren't.
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