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  1. Where did you hear this line; Leave it to Jaques what an inspired use of burlap. or this one; Butter on bread? i'll never get used to your strange Cuban customs.
  2. Could it be Don and Jim Ameche ? and the genius was Alexander Graham Bell ?
  3. I can see you now- "We, the members of the jury find the defendant ......,,"
  4. Love those eyes - Rich soak your sore ankle in some cool water... I am noticing a resemblence between Van Heflin and Everett Sloane and sometimes Brendan Fraser...or Jerry Springer... . .
  5. Has anyone noticed the resemblence between Brandon Routh and Ken Wahl ? I just thought of Cameron Diaz and Debra Jo Rupp.. Sorry about your left ankle, Rich.. .
  6. I happen to think GG was Gorgeous, but so is LDF...
  7. CM - did you ever notice a resemblence between Gloria Grahame and Lou Diamond Phillips ? I always meant to ask if you saw Ann Carter all-grown-up on the tribute to Val Lewton, she was lovely - Bronxie - did you know there is a peppermint soda flavor as well as peppermint ice cream? .
  8. I thought of two- Please- Elvis Presley and Debra Paget Prince Charles and Ichabod Crane
  9. Don't you think Billy Benedict kinda looks like MacCauley Culkin ?
  10. Rich - how about Annette Benning and Ida Lupino ? and Adam Corolla and Captain Marvel ?
  11. CineMaven - I am surprised you haven't posted pictures of your fave Gloria Grahame... how about a picture of some stills of The Letter with Saundergard...
  12. And when you do you may have a great big juicy kiss from Larry King...
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