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  1. I really haven't seen any marketing for it. It went directly to the cheap theaters. I do know that it had a PG - 13 rating. I wouldn't take children younger than 12 to it (if I had any) but I wouldn't have children much younger than 12 watch the Diary of Anne Frank, either. I have the book and it is marketed towards children but probably more middle school children which I don't think would be quite the same as seeing it. The last two lines of the book are "Of course all this happened a long time ago and nothing like that could ever happen again. Not in this day and age." To
  2. I didn't really think that it was marketed as a children's film, it did after all have a PJ 13 rating.
  3. Anyone seen this yet? I just saw it today.
  4. Perhaps they need to wait until January 1st to do the TCM Rembers Deaths of XXXX. That way no one gets left out.
  5. I felt cheated the first time I saw Diamond Head when James Darren's character is killed halfway into the film.
  6. Into the Woods is my favorite Broadway show. My favorite movie based on a broadway show is Oliver!.
  7. Just read the synopsis on IMDb tonight and it sounds kind of heart warming despite the R rating.
  8. I would prefer a new network be started for commercial free classic TV which would show classic TV shows and TV movies to Turner Classic Movies showing these. Especially since TVland has pretty much abandoned classic TV. If this happens, I hope I get it.
  9. I wish I could own my own network. It would show Time Tunnel, T J Hooker, Deep Space 9, Melrose Place and any TV movie/TV series James Darren ever played a role on. I'd probably add MASH, Dick Van Dyke, Cosby, The Bill Cosby Show where he played a teacher, any vaiety show I could get the rights to show, H.R. PufnStuf (I like Jack Wild), and movies that Jack Wild and James Darren were in that aren't shown anywhere else. I think I'd show the first (not so much of the second) season of the Monkees. Route 66, Dr. Kildare and Ben Casey would be included. Also Alfred Hitchcock Presents.
  10. Thank you. Hadn't gotten back here till now. He definitely died too young.
  11. I must admit I kind of agree with you here at least as far as movies that aren't available legally are concerned. I haven't bought any yet. I'm hoping TCM will show the ones I want to see. (The Lively Set, Rumble on the Docks, Tijuana Story, the Brothers Rico). I'd feel better about it making recordings myself from the channel, not for sale.
  12. We need a picture of Jack Wild here.
  13. Has anyone ever seen a movie called The Lost Worlds of Libra, and a movie called Random Acts. I'm not sure whe Lost Worlds of Libra was made but it starred James Darren. Random Acts was made in 2001 and also starred James Darren.
  14. I don't like 2001, A Space Odysessy either. The first time I saw it I fell asleep. I'm going to have to sit down and watch the non colorized version of Casablanca sometimes. When I saw the colorized version I didn't like it. Another one I don't like is Rebel Without a Cause. It's depressing.
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