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  1. wow, absolutely 1931-1977 a real worker. He was fabulous. Good call.
  2. No contest John Wayne. Even before he was famous he as in many b-western movies. Then Stagecoach and the rest is history. Clint has some good ones too.
  3. I actually wanted to walk out in the middle of the new one. I read the book before going to see the new one. The only thing the Coen bros (who I like for the most part) used differently was the ending. I think because they wanted to use the book ending they rushed the rest of the production The original was a love story and a beautifully put together western by one of the greatest western directors of all time Henry Hathaway. John Wayne earned his oscar (even though there all fixed) and at the end you can truly see the love and admiration inside Kim Darby for the iconic John Wayne. Kim Darby
  4. If I was going to festival it would be a no brainer "Now Voyager" all the way.
  5. I recently watched "Out Of The Fog" for the second or third time. I just love this movie and all involved. To see my favorite character actor "John Qualen" playing this gentle norwegian character next to Thomas Mitchel is just heart warming . The two of them have a great on screen chemistry that is clearly visible to me. From his earliest parts through Casblanca and many John Wayne movies Mr Qualen has showed his ability to act and interact with other actors on screen. I especialy like when he gained some weight and was an older fellow in "The Searchers". I loved his accent which he carried ov
  6. I want to know how I can contact Mr Osborne. I would love his opinion on Geraldine Pages' scene stealing performance in "The Pope Of Greenich Village" If there was an Oscar category for best scene in a movie Miss Page would have won for her magnificant work in the Pope. I hope Mr Osborne reads this or somehow this filters down to him. What a great movie that was. No car chases, no special effects, just good dialogue and interesting characters. I always tell people that do not live in NYC to watch this movie and learn a little about our city. At least the language and body movements. What do yo
  7. Yes I remember movie. Haven't seen it lately. Michael ? . She almost got a job as prostitude or something like that. Very funny and tense. Liked it then and would watch ot again. She was an amazing actress to go with that voice Mike
  8. Am I the only person in the world who thinks Ruby Dees' nomination should be a life time achievement award? She had a 5 minute non-essential (excuse me Robert Osborne) role. How about the Kite Runner? Nothing except some obscure music nomination. That was one of the most powerful and compelling movies I have ever seen. Best adapted screenplay at least. I am disgusted with the best picture nominations. There are so many pictures worthy of nomination. It must be very difficult to narrow it down to best 5 or 6. When a film like the Kite Runner is omitted for a movie about a pregnant teenager, I a
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