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  1. Yes, my friend who has a lovely collection of silent film photos, said Esther's eyes were a nice blue/green and her hair was light naturally, though maybe not platinum. Think the coloring of Jean Harlow.l I guess another word for her eyes would be teal. She is lovely, and I wish I knew more about her and her career. I am a big Clara Bow fan. I finally had the courage to cut my curly, reddish hair into a retro bob and get lots of compliements...what took me so long! It is fun and easy! Those flappers were ahead of their time, hair wise! Soft waves, big curls and glamour "done" hair, set
  2. They will be playing another classic John Gilbert silent film on the 24th of this month, Merry Widow (1925) with Mae Murray, directed by the great Erich von Stronheim. Edited by: AnnieLaurie on Jan 11, 2010 1:30 PM
  3. Yes, agreed, and well said...thanks for posting this. He was a great artist.
  4. I hear you, I am not a Mayer fan, trust me. I think he got what he deserved when he was forced out of MGM. I was thinking of those people in the documentary, such as Mickey Rooney and Lionel Barrymore, who praised him. This sounded contrived to me. Gilbert and Garland were in good company, Robert Taylor was also treated badly by Mayer. Taylor was thrown to the wolves during the Communism hearings, as recounted in my friend Linda Alexander's new book on Taylor Reluctant Witness. This is ironic since Taylor was conservative politically and not a "problem" star. He was a fall guy.
  5. Jack: I agree with what you said, but keep in mind that MGM documentary was made in 1992. I think there has been more perspective, a more nuanced view since then about both Gilbert and Mayer. Mayer's repuatation is now seen in a negative light and to those who know silent movies, Gilbert has gained stature and is mentioned prominently in many recent books. I do not think Jack saw himself as a victim. One of my books has a quote late in his life where he says "They liked me once, Oh, well"...I will try to locate his precise words, the gist of it was he knew he was once wildly popular and it
  6. Thanks, I realized that you did not have my email, but yours is the first PM I have received after something about a message board vote I missed. I will go through my DVD collection and email you back. Thanks again. It is so cold here, a balmy 5 degrees, it is a good day to hibernate and watch movies. I love this photo, just divine. No wonder I always go for guys with dark hair, prominent noses and big eyes...go figure! I love Barrymore too...I think of him as the King of the Rogues.
  7. gagman: thanx, I have never got a PM from TCM boards does it go directly to my personal email?
  8. I loved it too...I was thinking it is a shame Mayer preferred "family pictures" because Gilbert was a great rogue! He could have played all kinds of scoundrels. He does relish playing the bad boy philanderer and is quite good at it. What a charming devil, what a waste of talent to be in so many romantic costume dramas. Ah, well, at least, the thread is still going...; )
  9. Dan: Darn! I missed the first 40 minutes...can anyone fill me in on what happened prior to the ill fated fishing trip? Many thanks. I thought Gilbert was wonderful and this movie proves his speaking voice was just fine. I like him in the role of a cad. Virginia Bruce was prettier than still photos show. This is only the second movie I have seen her in. I hope they show it again.
  10. The fight story I heard said this fight, if there was one, was at a Hollywood event and not the actual wedding and Gilbert had been drinking. Gilbert was impulsive. I could see him asking Garbo to marry him multiple times and even getting into it with Mayer. Though I think a physical fight is more in Mayer's character than Gilbert's. Both the Garbo books I read say he pursued her from the moment they met and even when her romantic interest in him waned, he still had deep feelings for her and looked out for her when she needed encouragement. His marriages to Virginia Bruce and Ina Claire,
  11. According to TCM's Boardman bio, she had two daughters with second hubby Director King Vidor. There is no mention of a male child in this bio or a romance with Chaplin. Though I am sure they knew eachother since they traveled in the same circles. Caplin's bio does not mention Boardman either, among his many wives and girlfriends, which included Pola Negri, Lita Grey, Paulette Goddard, Louise Brooks and Oona O'Neill. So I guess it is another Hollywood myth.
  12. The item you mentioned about Boardman alleging Chaplin offering her 100K for her son intrigued me. Were they an item? Chaplin had so many children, wives and girlfriends, I wonder why he would do such a thing. It does not sound plausible to me but who knows.
  13. Thanks much Gag, these are lovely and the Connie photo is one of the best I have ever seen. I prefer her with brown hair.
  14. I adore John Barrymore nearly as much as John Gilbert...he is unique and 20th Century is one of my favorite films. I think Lombard was a good match for the Great Profile...I also love him in Dinner at Eight which will be shown this weekend, I believe, as an Essential. It makes sense that Gilbert and Barrymore were friends, since they were both charming, likable and from what I have read, romantic men. They lived practically next door and were drinking buddies.
  15. Works for me...that looks like _real passion_ to me, no wonder Renee was a good friend! ; )
  16. I just love these pics of lovely Anita Page. There was a wonderful obit in the Washington Post after her recent passing which was carefully researched by a fan. She was the real deal, with a long life and clearly, was quite a beauty. I adore the pearl flapper cap, too sweet. I wish ladies dressed up more nowadays. I cringe when I see women wearing jeans and sweaters to the opera or to the theater. I guess I am old school.
  17. I read Gilbert was considered for the Baron role in Grand Hotel, which later was wonderfully played by John Barrymore. If I can locate the passage I will post it here. I think it is from one of my Garbo books.
  18. The Star Machine is a good read. I was thinking about what you said about the formula approach to star making. It could be argued that the star machine destroyed Errol Flynn and Tyrone Power, as the book details. Both men had the same charisma, good looks and likability of John Gilbert. And both Power and Flynn, were more talented than the narrow roles they were given as Gilbert was. Gilbert had the makings of a fine character actor or even a heavy given the chance. Robert Taylor was able to transition into darker roles such as Johnny Eager and some of his war films. I mentioned this b
  19. Great info thanks...I would like to suggest Bassinger's fine book Silent Stars which devotes an entire chapter to Gilbert. Bassinger does not get into double wedding myth, but does careful analysis of his career from the teens. She discounts the "destroyed by sound" myth and false repeated gossip about his "weak voice". Since these lies are better stories than the truth, which is far more complicated, it was repeated as the truth. Bassinger feels Garbo was his greatest obsession, but not necessarily his greatest love, who was most likely, Leatrice Joy. Gilbert did have a passionate fli
  20. Thanks, I love what you said about King Vidor and Coleen Moore running around like Baker Street detectives...how cool is that! She was wonderful and underappreciated in my view. I will see if my favorite used book store has it.
  21. What is the title of Vidor's book? I would love to read that. The two accounts I read suggested strongly it was Minter's Mom. In addition, they state Mother and Daughter were both romantically involved with Taylor. Mabel Normand was also one of Taylor's girlfriends, Taylor was a ladies' man. And, D.W. Griffith was in love with Normand from his early days in film, when he was an actor, though she was not smitten with him beyond a working friendship. Many years after her tragic death, Griffith wrote he was still in love with Mabel.
  22. AnnieLaurie


    I agree with you...I found most of the score distracting except for the picnic scene.
  23. Wow! crazy, creepy stuff...Anger should have written about his own exploits...yikes!
  24. These are wonderful...I love the Alice White photo...what a great hairdo.
  25. Attention: *John Gilbert Fans*: Show People with be on TCM on 1/01/09 at (so sorry for the early time, my friends) @5:00 a.m. I will set my alarm if I am not too beat...; ) Happy New Year
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