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  1. Interestingly, the last suggestions are May 14th, 2019, but I'd been trying prior to that date with no luck. Maybe suggesting a movie has been disabled -- I've sent them an email to ask, I'll update if they respond.
  2. Hi -- I know this is several months old but I'm having the exact same issue. This is on Windows 10 (PC) on both Firefox and Chrome *AND* on Android Firefox, Chrome, Brave Browser, etc. Clicking the login button does nothing.
  3. I think that KISS ME DEADLY intentionally goes campy/overboard in a lot of scenes, for effect. The breathing and her behavior are a good example of that. Velda and Nick both get framed in some really interesting shots during the movie, also, Velda sweaty in a kind of unappealing way, Nick making funny faces as he's in a tight close-up. It's reflective of a world gone haywire, among other things, and also I think to prepare us for the completely bonkers finale. The documentary LOS ANGELES PLAYS ITSELF mentions that Hammer is made as non-fascist as possible in the film -- the original versio
  4. I have too! And I get THE ASPHALT JUNGLE confused with THE KILLING quite a bit as well, though I think there's an argument to be had that Kubrick meant for his film to be a reimagining or followup to ASPHALT. Visually, I always thought this opening sequence was reminscent of the TOUCH OF EVIL outdoor set near Grande's "office." Well, given the timeline, TOUCH OF EVIL is reminiscent of ASPHALT. The look on Strother Martin's face when he's in the line-up cracks me up every time.
  5. I'm going to be super nitpicky here and say that the reason I don't find the opening successful is because you can tell that the man running with his back to the camera isn't Bogey at all. That has always bothered me, though I don't quite know why, other than it takes me out of the story, but it's not like almost every movie in existence doesn't take you out of the story at some point. Also, I've always felt that the first-person POV shots were a cheap way of achieving the "plastic surgery" plot point without having to go to a lot of trouble with either prosthetics or a body double. I
  6. When the lesson questions asked if I was surprised by the opening of the film, I had to laugh because I've seen THE LETTER about eight times, so no, I wasn't surprised. But I don't think I was surprised the first time, either, because it's such an iconic scene that I had seen it before watching the whole film. That's kind of a problem with classic films, isn't it? The suspense and surprise are so often ruined just by a film's age. Something I noticed this time was the gown Bette was wearing. Back in 1937 she'd been in a film called THAT CERTAIN WOMAN and it was the first time she'd been in
  7. Thank you, Marysara, I'm pretty sure that was the song. I saw this year's TCM Remembers tonight just before "The Apple Dumpling Gang", and I'd like to say I clearly remember the song, but I got kind of choked up during the montage and forgot to listen closely.
  8. This was answered upthread already, but I'll repeat it: the song is "Promises" by Badly Drawn Boy. A great memorial, as usual. I can never watch one of these without bursting into tears.
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