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  1. 37 views and 0 replies. wow. I guess everybody's busy talking about George Brent's rear either that or people just find me boring. Edited by: classiccinemafan on Mar 28, 2014 1:43 AM
  2. It goes to show you TCM doesn't give a rat's tail about what they show anymore.
  3. I watched the Italian and U.S. versions last night. One right after the other. Three hours ! I never got up to go use the toilet or make myself a sandwich. I spent three hours in a dark room. My verdict : Italian version I liked : the order of the stories. I felt the 1st story (Telefono) was out of place, but was a good interesting story. But still a little silly.The American version of the Telephone story sucked and made no sense at all. The Italian dubbing didn't bother me. Some of you already know I'm a fan of Italian cinema. I disliked the ending. It broke the mood of the whole movie. It seemed out of place and silly. The fact that Karloff's voice in Italian didn't bother me. In the future , I hope to see a DVD/Bluray release of both versions like the UK has right now. NOW THE AMERICAN VERSION I liked : the score of Les Baxter. The drop of water story is scarier in this one with Les Baxter's score. A lot may disagree. But this is the version I grew up watching as a kid. I liked the color in this one better than the Italian cut. I found Karloff's scenes between stories to be funny and silly. But I never gave it a thought as a kid. I just enjoyed it for what it was. I disliked : the telephone story. It made no sense at all and seemed pointless. I didn't like the order of the stories in this one. In the italian cut , Bava has them in a order that builds up the fear in the audience. Each story gets scarier as it goes on. In the American cut , they put the telephone story in between the ghost and vampire stories so that people won't leave the theatre. So they'll have to sit through the phone story to wait for the karloff vampire tale. I enjoyed both versions. I liked the American version a little more. It sucks that the U.S. is stuck with watching the italian cut. Both versions should be available to the U.S. I'm disappointed in kino. Give us both versions !
  4. By what the heck is what I mean by the availability of his movies. Questions people ! why is a good , restored copy of KILL , BABY , KILL not available separately on DVD or Blu-ray ? the film was only included in the Anchor Bay Bava boxset (it's out of print now). The Dark Sky Films DVD release was cancelled before it's release like 5 years ago. All we're stuck with is public domain junk and they're out of print too. So what the heck ?! And another thing that's bothering me is the availability of the AIP versions of Black Sunday and Black Sabbath. I see the only ones available are the Italian cuts. Who the heck chooses what we can watch and what we can't ? A lot of people grew up watching the AIP version of Black Sabbath (me included). I found the the Les Baxter track in the DROP OF WATER to be superior over the Italian track. Some want to own both versions. I have yet to see the American release of Black Sunday. Only the trailer on youtube. The UK gets both versions in a DVD-Bluray combo release while in the US we gets reissues of the Image DVD release from 1999/2000. So what the heck ?!! It's unfair the UK has it better. TCM never airs Mario Bava's films. What is it ? rights ? What is it Alfred Leone Trust wants no one to show these films ? What is up ? I remebmer 9 or 10 years ago TCM showed a Italian language version of Black Sunday around October. They haven't showed it since. Edited by: classiccinemafan on Mar 22, 2014 4:30 PM
  5. Tonight I decided to watch a tape with TCM movies on them. All the way back from 2004. The tape had TCM remembers Ronald Reagan. Back then , TCM put more effort in celebrity tributes. Not just clips from their movies , but different music everytime a celebrity dies. Today, its always the same song with rain falling on a car windshield then the clips. Robert Osborne was hosting The Blue Angel with Marlene Dietruch. He looked a little younger and was smiling more. He spoke faster and didn't look tired and depressed like he does today.
  6. Cult following or not , I don't think the library of congress and George Eastman will never preserve those 'classics'. Let them rot in those vaults their sitting in.
  7. I deleted it because I was afraid it might go against the rules on the board. I couldn't figure out how to delete the whole thread. I pushed discard post serveral times , but it kept showing up on the board's list of threads. so I changed the topic and created a new thread.
  8. What I miss : the one reel wonders intro, the old school feel , the old feature presentation intro for robert osborne , the "this week in hollywood history" thing between movies , the sunny side of life intro in the mornings. what i like about the current TCM : the late night intro with the people in the diner and the jazzy music in the background. LEAVE IT TCM! Edited by: classiccinemafan on Mar 20, 2014 2:29 PM
  9. my list of films : Glen or Glenda (Ed Wood 1953) , Beast of Yucca Flats (worst one I've seen)
  10. The most depressing film I've seen in a while.
  11. I enjoyed The Children are watching more. Couldn't understand the other one. Can't even remember the name of it. All I know is it had Giletta Masina in it. Young too. Edited by: classiccinemafan on Mar 17, 2014 11:39 PM
  12. I don't want to sound rude or mean , but that guest host tonight bored me sick. I don' t care about your new book, just show me The 7-ups.
  13. I hope its the original. Its been YEARS since I seen GOLD RUSH on TCM. Its good to see Chaplin on TCM.
  14. I know that, but two movies ? What are they doing making up for a missed week ?
  15. Did I miss something ? why did TCM show two Italian movies last night? I'm not complaining. Only curious. Was it some director's birthday or some thing ? i enjoyed both movies. I couldn't stay awake to see the second half of The Children Are Watching. I seen the last half this morning 'cause I DVRed it. Before any one responds and says soemthing nasty to me, read what I typed above. I ENJOYED BOTH FILMS. I enjoyed the second movie more.
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