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  1. Yes . It is sad that it is Buck's last picture. It is a good story and the cast is certainly much better than the average B Western. Betty Blythe who had been in some real turkeys in the 1930s and 1940s was a real harridan in this one and really moved the picture along
  2. Buck Jones' last movie is a really good one with an exceptional cast. This is Betty Blythe's best talkie in my opinion. Buck is also supported by Raymond Hatton, Mona Barrie, Robert Lowery, Rex Bell, Maude Eburne, Harry Woods and Christine McIntyre. I am watching it on Amazon Prime. I don't think it has played on TCM. Has anyone seen this movie?
  3. Thanks MovieCollector OH. I missed it in March 2014. I will check your information about the TCM schedule.
  4. Has Private Detective 62 with William Powell and Margaret Lindsay (1933) ever appeared on TCM? I don't remember seeing it. Is it a "lost" film? Ruth Donnelly and other great character actors are in it. IMDB provides this synoopsis "A discredited diplomat accidentally finds work with a seedy private detective. The diplomat's ethics later bump up against the detective's illegal methods after their new partnership is financed by a local gambler. When the gambler ends up losing a lot of money to a good looking socialite lady the seedy detective is hired by the gambler to frame the lucky lady. He puts his new partner on the case but the ex-diplomat finds out that the lady is a lady and falls in love. When the frame fails to materialize the detective and gambler fake a scene when the lady is paid off and attacked by the gambler. She shoots him with a fixed gun and runs. Right away a hood shoots the gambler at the order of the dectective and he gets two birds with one bullet...out from his partnership with the gambler (taking over his club and money) and a future blackmail on the lady. But the diplomat partner gets in the way and by playing a good detective finds the hood and the evidence to clear the lady and get his former seedy partner arrested. Good exteriors for 1933 and fashions. The detective's secretary is long time character actress Ruth Donnelly who was Ingrid Bergman's close nun-buddy in "The Bells of St. Mary's." This is an early William Powell, a year before his "Thin Man" fame."
  5. The person who played the bumbling oaf in the morgue certainly played like a Kibbee character. He was slimmer than Kibbee in his heyday but looked a lot like him. I really feel it was him. The movie was incredibly film noirish. Jean Gilles played a ferocious female better than Ann Savage in Detour.
  6. I watched Decoy, a fantastic film noir from 1946 on TCM. I thought that Guy Kibbee was one of the workers in the morgue, burt he wasn't listed on IMDB. Could anyone corrobate that Kibbee was in this film? By the way, there was an astonishing performance by Jean Gillie as the ruthless femme fatale in the movie.
  7. Counsellor at Law was a great movie that is vastly underrated. I loved Bebe Daniels as the secretary who secretly loved her boss played by John Barrymore. This is my favorite Bebe Daniels role, second only to her wonderful performance in 42nd St. Paul Muni played the part of this shady lawyer on Broadway, but Barrymore gives it a broader stroke than even Muni might have done. The moods range from comic to tragic as Barrymore contemplates suicide at the end. Only "Rexy" Gordon (Bebe Daniels character's name)coming back to the office prevents him from doing away with himself. The pace is lightning quick and the dialogue is sharp and witty. There is a scene where the camera lovingly tracks the rear end of the matronly office manager as she walks down the hallway. The camera lingers on her ample derriere as she comes back to the main office and several people in the waiting room leer.
  8. The show could be stereotypical, especially in the depiction of Otis as a friendly drunk. However, there was a lot that could be said to be different from the norm: a. Elinor Donahue's portrayal of Ellie. She was an independent woman who clashed with many of Andy's stereotypes of how women should be. b. Helen Crump showed a strong female presence as an educator c. There were shows that have never been rivaled in depicting certain qualities that make us human: 1. Mr. McBevee- Andy had to have faith in Opie in one of my favorite episodes. 2. Man in a Hurry- There has never been a better episode which shows how we all should slow down a little and enjoy life. d, There were many episodes where Don Knotts showed Barney to be somewhat of a coward, but who with the help of Andy seemed to gain inner courage. You don't see many shows where someone is shown as a coward. To me it was inspirational to see Barney overcome his fears. e. Aunt Bee showed unconditional love for her family, but she also had an angry streak which showed her humanity. All in all, the Andy Griffith show is one that you can view over and over again and gain new insights into life. You are right that it made fun of some of the worst aspects of small town life and this is a strength of the show.
  9. I am glad that she didn't attempt a southern accent. It would have sounded phony. I am not quite in agreement that her stage career was small. She appeared in 12 Broadway shows from 1935-1952. She was in the Orson Welles production of Native Son in 1941 which had 114 performances. She was also in the revival of Native Son in 1942-43 for 84 performances. Her last play was Point of No Return which had 356 performances in 1951-52 and had a strong cast, including Henry Fonda, (www.ibdb.com) I think that she had a very interesting career in movies also. I mentioned the Day the Earth Stood Still which she appeared prominently. Someone else mentioned Bend of the River with James Stewart. She was also credited in The Stooge with Martin and Lewis, My Wife's Best Friend with Anne Baxter, Horizons West with Robert Ryan and The Lady Says No with Joan Caulfield, among others. Her first film was Girls about Town in 1931 with Kay Francis. (www.imdb.com) Her television appearances were varied. She appeared in episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Dragnet, Loretta Young Show . She was in 6 episodes of the Eve Arden Show and was a star of It's A Great Life on NBC from 1954-56. She is one of my favorite character actors- one whose presence brings a lot of joy to my heart.
  10. TV was a great training ground for future movie actors and a great place for former movie actors to go to. Frances Bavier distinguished herself in several media and her portrayal of Aunt Bea remains an icon of family situation comedies. You say that the character is bland; perhaps, but as you say Frances brings something special to that character that transcends the everyday. She is the aunt that everyone would want to have.
  11. I had forgotten about "Bend of the River" She really has a great personality and such a wonderful way of expressing herself.
  12. I think Frances Bavier should be remembered for more than the Andy Griffith Show. She appeared in many films, including the original THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL. However, what might not be known is that she was an actress in Broadway plays for many years. Most remarkable was her performance in NATIVE SON in the original production directed by Orson Welles in 1941 and in a later revival. This play was certainly ahead of its time in its theater presentation of the Richard Wright novel. Frances Bavier was in several other films and appeared a lot on TV. She was a co-star on the TV show IT'S A GREAT LIFE with William Bishop, Michael O'Shea and James Dunn, all of whom had long movie careers. I wish more people could know about this wonderful actress.
  13. What was Wake UP and Dream like? I love Russ Columbo's songs.
  14. I have only seen Imitation of Life and the Black Cat, but I would love to see all of the others. I had not known that Great Expectations was done by Universal; the others sound great too. I wish TCM would show more Universals; that would be great.
  15. Yes. I watched Bad Boy with James Dunn also on FMC recently. It is a shame that they don't show but a few classics each month. I enjoyed Me and My Gal which showed Spencer Tracy in a role before his real celebrity status. I wish FMC would show nothing but great classics from their vaults. There are so many Fox films with Loretta Young that haven't been shown in years and so many other classics.
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