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  1. WOW! What a fantastic movie memory you have! Thanks a lot. Merry Christmas... Dan
  2. In the early 1960's I saw a movie on the afternoon "Million Dollar Movie" that I've never seen again. It must have been made in the 1940's or 50's. It was about a group of royalty going on an outing on a yacht. There was a terrible storm, the yacht crashed onto a deserted island. At first the royalty took control and gave orders but they had no idea how to actually do anything like make shelter or find food. Finally the butler became the savior of the castaways due to his resourcefulness and intellect. The butler and the princess fell in love and after much apprehension on the butler's part he allows himself to cast off the social mores and ask the princess to marry him. Just as the wedding is about to begin the castaways see a ship steaming toward their little island. The butler immediately resumes his subservient role and nothing more is said about his romance as he becomes the family butler once more. This film might have been made in England. Does anyone remember this film, its title, or actors??? Thanks, Dan
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