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  1. "Well like i told Mack here I was tryna get my God"..."I was tryna cut through your wire cause i wanna get out" -Steve McQueen - The great Escape 1963.
  2. This could be remade i think, but the film borrows heavily from Edgar rice Burroughs The land that time forgot trilogy. and in 1957 Harryhausen was busy working on 20 million miles to earth, O'Brien on the black scorpion. Not bad considering the cheapness of the production. A little trivia, the sound the pterodactyl makes was used for the animated series Jonny Quest and the T-Rex head was the pet Spot on the Adams family series i think. They should just do a serious remake on the land that time forgot series and have peter Jackson or Spielberg direct it or someone.
  3. KingofCool

    THEM! (1954)

    I could see a couple directors tackling this.
  4. you know I've been watching some of these films for the past few weeks, the original Japanese versions of course, and they are rich in Japanese culture and vibrant color, plus Honda is one of the best directors of Godzilla movies. And the original versions are 10 times as smart compared to the badly dubbed American versions, Honda had worked with Kurosawa on several films and these movies had Japan's top stars in them, with interesting plot twists. Japanese monster flicks are largely much better then most of the American sci-fi productions of the 50's and 60's which almost always involve the military trying to kill an invading monster, unless its a Harryhausen film after the 50's period. Many of these films were part of Japan's golden period(50's,60's) TCM has yet to dedicate a night or day to these classic films that really are only taken seriously by people in the know or fans which is a crime cause many of these films are worthy of study and a lot better then they are given credit for.
  5. Vincent Price Boris Karloff Christopher lee but its really hard to choose, peter cushing and several others would have been good choices.
  6. whoa! jakeholman! lucky you, Jason and the argonauts is one of my favorite Harryhausen flicks. I'd love to see that in the theater, great first movie. On that note, at age 5 on TV i saw one million years B.C so I guess we both started with one of ray's flicks. My first movie in the theater at age 6 was beauty and the beast, back before Disney Films started to fall off.
  7. I thought it was cool to see roger in a movie but The Who are a crazy bunch anyway, just stick to the music is my feeling. I have no problem with concert films though or biopics. The Who is a great band but a movie for Tommy is stretching it I think. So no smoking lots of shrooms does not make this movie better it actually really isn't that good, Unless your a die hard Who fan. heh heh Happy New Year!
  8. The only one I have from them is Straw Dogs and that is a good transfer, I also hope to pick up The Third Man and Hopscotch as well as the original French version of Solaris. I guess it all depends on whether you want the film bad enough, but the transfers for the movies of the criterion collection along with extras tend to be pretty outstanding.
  9. wow! I own this one and I can't remember this scene, I'll have to re-watch it and figure that out. If i figure it out I'll let you know.
  10. VP is amazing! I'm a huge fan of his stuff. He's an actor I would have loved to have met and had a discussion with on any topic. I love his voice. Hollywood is a less brighter place without him. Maybe we all get to meet him in the next life! haha He is to horror what John Wayne was to westerns. any movie he's in automatically gets 10 points. just a great guy all round.
  11. Lee is the man ! look for him in an upcoming horror movie based on the 1973 movie The Wicker man. The director of the original version of that film is using the title and crafting a whole new story around it. It will be cool to see what Lee will throw at us in this one. I cant remember who directed the original , but its a pity they had to have a remake of it with Nick Cage at the helm, simply awful!
  12. The Indiana jones trilogy , Sinbad trilogy and Jurassic park are my faves !
  13. KingofCool

    top 10

    Hi all, I'm new ! here's my top 10 1. Where Eagles Dare 2. The Dirty Dozen 3. The Heroes of Telemark 4.The Great Escape 5. Run silent Run Deep 6.The Bridge on the river kawai 7.Heaven knows Mr. Alison 8. Patton 9. zeppelin 10. Battle of the Bulge and ton's more 10 just aint enough !
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