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  1. Many thanks - it appears to be some type of 'signal' because each of the members of the DD adds a 'tube' and passes it down the line where 'Posey' is laid out faking his injury to the next member of the group until all the tubes collected are placed into a sack - Ernest Borgnine observes what is happening and 'chuckles/snickers' under his breadth just before leaving the HQ hut. Possibly viles or syringes but not sure I follow the meaning of it all.....good luck....perhaps it is so simple that I am just missing it....
  2. In the 1967 movie The Dirty Dozen, what is the signifigance of the passing of what appears to be 'glass tubes' starting with Charles Bronson amongst members of the Dirty Dozen just before they capture Colonel Breed's headquaters during the 'war games'? What are the 'glass tubes'?
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