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  1. The Richard Lester directed versions of Three Musketeers and the follow up, Four Musketeers, are my favorite action adventure movies. George Macdonald Fraser, the writer of the Flashman series, wrote the screenplay for this movie. I'm keeping an eye out for TCM to play these gems. I also liked most of the other movies mentioned.
  2. Wow, I know this is a late response AndyQ, but did you ever see the Fraser screenplay versions of three and four musketeers? Anyone else a fan of these versions? Anyone know why TCM doesn't play them? Does TCM not have the rights to show them? They are awsome! The best versions of the Dumas novel brought to the big screen.
  3. This author, best known for the Flashman series, recently passed away. I very much enjoyed his swashbuckling novels and his unique anti-hero, Flashman. George MacDonald Fraser also wrote screenplays for some movies that I think are some of the best of their genre and I wish TCM would play them. George MacDonald Fraser penned the screenplays for the Richard Lester directed The Three Musketeers (1974) and The Four Musketeers (1975). These 2 versions of the Dumas novels best capture the swashbuckling bawdy nature of the novels with the best action and humor of any other film attempts at this
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