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  1. Hi Kyle- I think we're all just glad to know you're still around. The posters are secondary. Happy Halloween!
  2. Hooray! *The Glass Key* is one of my favorite movies ever. And I hadn't seen this particular image before, I think.
  3. Loving all the Buster Keaton stuff! Alos, I would love to solve a murder mystery with Robert Montgomery.
  4. These are all fabulous! I paticularly like *Underworld USA.*
  5. It's hard for me to picture Robert Mitchum as a "square from Nebraska". Now, very attractive predator posing s a square, that's much easier to believe.
  6. Another wonderful collection, Kyle! I had no idea (but I probably should have known) the the Western movie poster genre was so vast!
  7. I highly approve of the posters and the movie line up!!!
  8. I love how the girl in the *Black Scorpion* poster is giving the monster an "Oh, you!" type of look.
  9. I know! I have been woefully remiss in posting. The job has been crazy and then I got sick. Yay! But this is always one of my first web stops in the morning!!
  10. Kyle- As ever, you're the gift that keeps on giving! Godzilla vs. Monster Zero is maybe THE best entry in the Godzilla library, in my opinion.
  11. Yay! Godzilla is one of my favorite movies of all time!!
  12. I'm unfamiliar with the film, but I love the poster!!
  13. I have recently developed a keen interest in all things Holmesian, from the serious to silly, so tonight's line up is looking pretty good. Added bonus of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde equals a good Sunday night for this kid. I guess I better get the chores out of the way so I can enjoy it.
  14. *Oh gosh - You just took my dream trip - London, Prague and Edinburgh!* *I've been to London twice and could go back again and again, but I long to go to the other two cities...* *It's great to have you back!* Thanks! I'm still getting back into the swing of being back in Seattle. I fell in love with London almost immediately and I'm still suffering post-London withdrawal, which I've been dealing with by watching episodes of Law and Order UK. Prague is second only to Paris in terms of beauty, in my humble opinion. I can't wait to see it again. Edinburgh was just so inter
  15. *"Welcome back from Sherwood Forest, M'Lady"* Thank you, kind sir! I'm wavering between post vacation depression (I really loved London and I can't wait to go back) and the thrill of sleeping in my own bed again after two weeks of air matresses and hotel rooms (we stayed with a friend in the UK and made hops to Prague, Edinburgh and Reykjavik). *Ack! You left for London and have returned! And I didn't have the chance to post a send-off for you. I can't believe I let that slip by. (And that you didn't remind me!) I hope you had a wonderful time, M'Lady and were treated like the Bond Gir
  16. Delightful! And since I'm up abnormally early for a Saturday (apparently even after being back for two days, my internal clock is still resetting itself from UK time), I will be able to watch this this morning. I'm not sure why it's so exciting since I've seen it dozens of times and I own the DVD, but Errol Flynn will do that to a person. Thanks, Kyle!
  17. *The guy on the right sure does look like new Speaker of the House John Boehner!* Great. Now I can never unsee that. Kyle, thanks for a great first week of posters! I am particularly in love with the *Crime and Punishment* image.
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