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  1. *Oh gosh - You just took my dream trip - London, Prague and Edinburgh!*



    *I've been to London twice and could go back again and again, but I long to go to the other two cities...*



    *It's great to have you back!*


    Thanks! I'm still getting back into the swing of being back in Seattle.


    I fell in love with London almost immediately and I'm still suffering post-London withdrawal, which I've been dealing with by watching episodes of Law and Order UK. :) Prague is second only to Paris in terms of beauty, in my humble opinion. I can't wait to see it again. Edinburgh was just so interesting and odd-you can see why Robert Louis Stevenson got inspiration to write Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The whole city had this unebelievable atmosphere to it. It's not a city for wimps, to be sure. :)

  2. *"Welcome back from Sherwood Forest, M'Lady"*


    Thank you, kind sir! I'm wavering between post vacation depression (I really loved London and I can't wait to go back) and the thrill of sleeping in my own bed again after two weeks of air matresses and hotel rooms (we stayed with a friend in the UK and made hops to Prague, Edinburgh and Reykjavik).


    *Ack! You left for London and have returned! And I didn't have the chance to post a send-off for you. I can't believe I let that slip by. (And that you didn't remind me!) I hope you had a wonderful time, M'Lady and were treated like the Bond Girl that I know you are. Or Lady Marian, if you prefer.*


    No worries! I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off before we left. Although we were a little ambitious in the planning, the trip itself was great. I enjoy the experience of seeing new places. I just wish we had Star Trek type travel capabilities; I spent way too much time in planes and airports. :)

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