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  1. *No. It was all part of the spirit of giving this holiday season.* Ohhh. Well, God bless us! Everyone! *Sorry you were knocked out by "the crud". And here I thought Northwesterners were hearty (or is it hardy?) stock. Glad you are on the mend...just in time to return to work, I bet. Ugh!* Northwest girls ARE hardy and hearty! Well, usually. Luckily I was able to send it pretty much on it's way. I can almost breathe again. At least it's a short week due to New Year's.
  2. I absolutely loved the Casablanca and Woman of the Year posters! The Shaggy Dog poster was funny and a little surreal. Kyle, does the increasing regularity of posters here mean that you're closer to having your computer ills fixed? P.S. Late Merry Christmas! I got hit with a cold Christmas Eve and have spent much of the last several days sleeping.
  3. *"Shame be to him who thinks evil of it."* I'd love to know what the "it" is and why it would be shameful to think evil of it. *With or without the harp?* Hmmmm, without, I think.
  4. *Of course, we can't always trust Wiki...* I would go with Wiki against Babel Fish. I just tried it and it came out almost not entirely unlike what the Wiki translation was.
  5. I'm a big fan of that cartoony style. Also, I would like to request a guardian angel that looks like Cary Grant.
  6. *It's a really excellent experience - I'm sure you'll enjoy it very much!* I meant that I hadn't watched it yet this Christmas.
  7. *With extra crotchety berries!* Picture giggling emoticon here. *Let's have some old-fashioned curmudgeon instead.* Excellent! I haven't watched this yet-maybe I will do so tonight.
  8. *Which is also, for those that don't know, the "Lionel Barrymore" version*. He *does* sound extra crotchety, doesn't he?
  9. I thought the Exodus poster was for Lawrence Of Arabia before I scrolled own! I love both of these, and incidentally I am listening to the Campbell Playhouse version of A Christmas Carol. It's a little odd to hear Orson Welles talking about Christmas.
  10. Yay!! Right now it's a little after five in the morning and I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to attempt to get into work. I'd rather stay in my playground!
  11. The snow! We haven't seen this much in quite a while! []
  12. *Oooh, Minya, you have a wood burning fireplace?* I do! It's nice to know you have backup in case of foul weather. I'l post a picture of the snow result over on Mr. Grime's thread.
  13. That picture made me crack up until tears came, I swear! Hmmm, film haikus....interesting.
  14. *I'm watching DR. ZHIVAGO now because it's the only way to get snow.* *Squirrel feet on my mother's roof is driving her crazy*. Wow-that was almost a haiku.
  15. *I agree with Minya---it does make a girl feel toasty and today I can use that. I think* *it's a roaring 18 degrees outside.* You said it! It's 18.2 degrees outside right now here in Seattle, and we're supposed to be hit with a storm later tonight (we'll see-the local forecasters can be quite inaccurate when it comes to snow in this city), so I made an a morning trip to the store for some supplies, brought in some wood for the fireplace and salted the walks. As long as the power doesn't go out (fingers crossed) I'm ready for it.
  16. *(Just makes ya feel all "Christmas-y", doesn't it?)* Well, I don't know about anyone else, but seeing Robert Mitchum makes me feel some cheer.
  17. *That's it? You have to bake your cookies!* I know--many people have let me know that same thing in no uncertain terms. Gastronomical extortionists, the lot of them. *Are you making Christmas dinner?* I don't know yet-I'm supposed to be going to my Dad's house for breakfast, but a lot depends on the weather. We may be wishing each other Merry Christmas over the phone.
  18. *Hey, as long as there are no power outages, you're not doing so bad!* Agreed! I'm very fortunate to live in a neighborhood that doesn't have too many power issues.
  19. *Did you bake your cookies yet?* Only one batch for my Christmas party. Time just seems to have gotten away from me. I may bake some this weekend if the weather stays sketchy. *We've had a little snow of late, but nothing serious. There's a chance of some snow on Sunday and Monday. The temps are going to be in the high-20s and low-30s next week.* It takes very little snow for this city to become totally incapacitated. We had a dusting Monday, nothing Tuesday, horrific threats and no snow Wednesday, reports of little snow and big snowstorms Thursday and lots of ice today. The forec
  20. *If in "evil" you mean sweet, yes!* No, I meant it in it's usual way-meaning that you're evil. *Oh, yeah? That's quite unique. I'm rather wound up.* I knew it was all a bluff when you talk about how laid back you are. *By the way, it's been Seattling all day long here today.* Hopefully you guys handle it better than we do! Another storm is supposed to movie in this weekend, but I don't think it's supposed to be as snowy.
  21. *Probably! It wouldn't surprise me in the least - who else could they have cast instead?* They wanted Cher!!!
  22. *Good, that gets me off the hook since I'm just like Saint Nick.* I think you mean Saint Nick's evil twin. *Papa Grinch.* I'm so telling on you! He'll lay the smackdown on you for sure now. Actually, I did ask for a few books on Paris for next spring. And I did get him some wind ups for his stocking. He loves wind ups. *I'm so practical.* Oh, I didn't mean it in a practical way.
  23. *That means, it must be... Santa! How rotten of you!* I would never say that about Santa! *Did you get all your shopping done? Did you ask Santa for anything?* I did very little shopping-my Pops and I agreed not to really do the whole presents thing, and I really had a hard time coming up with anything I really NEEDED. In your face!!!!! *It's a given you won't get it because, you know...* Hmmm, I hope you have a coal burning stove!
  24. *I pretty much like everything Anjelica Huston has ever been in (with few exceptions) and I do hope to watch it again soon* I like her too, and I guess she was Roald Dahl's first choice to play the Grand High Witch.
  25. *You shouldn't do that to Chris! He's a very kind, considerate man.* Ohhh, I think you know who we're talking about here. I'll give you a couple of hints-it isn't Chris and it IS you.
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