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  1. *I've got somewhere around 2,000+ DVD-R recordings to catch up with (mostly TCM and FMC) so I've got ways to go.* *I'm guessing you will be correct. But I'm not sure when I'll get to it. My unwatched DVD* *list is currently over 350, and that's not an exaggeration.* *My goodness. Does it pay to even keep recording? Mine is only at about 30 and I thuoght I was way behind.* You all make me very happy (but then you always do). My DVR is almost full (mostly of movies from TCM) and it seems like I always have full capacity (500) on my Netflix queue. Plus, I have to go back and wat
  2. *So you saw the Coop make-up pictures too, eh? Frightening!* See my reply to Film Fatale!
  3. *Sorry to hear that, Minya. You weren't supposed to be "tortured".* Who knew that the name Olga Baclovna would be attached to the porn world?
  4. *I thought Olga was fantastic. Odd as this may sound, she reminded me of Madonna.* I was intrigued by this, so I Googled her name. Not only do you get images of her, some other very SCARY pictures come up. I wish I could wash my eyes. Eek. And yeah, I can see the Madonna connection you're making.
  5. *I see you already have the proper Parisian spirit! You're going to hve a lovely,* *lovely time. Until then, may I suggest you watch all those wonderful Audrey-in-Paris* *movies like Funny Face, Charade, Love in the Afternoon, Paris When it Sizzles (OK,* *that one is not so wonderful but it does have Paris!) and, even though it wasn't* *technically filmed there, it does play an important role in Sabrina.* *Or to really immerse yourself, some more modern French movies like these with lovely* *actress, Emmanuelle Beart: Une Femme Francaise, Un Coeur en Hiver and* *Nelly et M. Arnaud
  6. *Excuse me for asking, but are you lactose intolerant?* I'm happy to report that I am not lactose intolerant! I'm very much looking forward to the fromageries. *We chose the cheese tray meal for two (you won't want to eat any cheese for about 6 months after), which consisted of five trays of various cheeses- you start with a tray of maybe 12 or so soft cream cheeses. Taking small portions of about five cheeses on the tray is the best way to do it. Then come the goat cheeses and on through desert cheeses. They serve as much bread and wine as you can eat or drink with your meal.* O
  7. *Oh I'm so happy for you, Minya!* Thanks! I'm very excited-this will be my first trip to Europe, and I'm beyond delighted that it will be Paris. *April in Paris....perfection* This is what I hear. The weather is decent (I understand that it's not too different from Seattle at that time of year) and it isn't quite full of other tourists yet. Of course, there could be ten feet of snow on the ground and I'd be in heaven! The other option was Fall, but we decided Spring instead. Maybe next time! *If you like to eat, and I certainly do, you practically cannot have a bad eating*
  8. Miss G- I understand from Mr. Grimes that you're a good person to talk to about Paris?
  9. *Voulez-vous allez au cinema avec moi ce soir? I give free French lessons* Oh you saucy thing!!!
  10. *Who is Rick Steves?* No, he's not a pimp. But thanks for asking. He's a local guy that has a pretty extensive European tour business (you can see his shows on your local PBS station, probably) and takes groups all over the place. Everyone we know here who has taken one of his tours really like them, and we figured that for our first tour out, this would be a fun way to go. I'm officially putting the call out to Miss G and Lafitte for any and all recommendations and/or insider knowledge about the City of Light. *I can't speak or write a lick of French.* What's this then? *Il
  11. *No, I would be the one using that line.* Intriguing. Are you saying that you have commitment issues? And yes, I already know that you should be committed. *None! I'm shameful.* How can you be shameful if you say you have no shame? Also, guess what? I officially booked my trip for Paris. April 26th. Eek! My friend Julie and I decided to do the Rick Steves seven day tour of Paris. I'm excited and nervous. You seem to write French very well-do you also speak it fluently? I'm going to have to bone up on my traveler's French over the next few months. *Yes, I do! I love
  12. *No, I'm used to being left out in the cold to freeze in the pumpkin patch. At least I have* *a homemade mitten. The other one ran off with another mitten.* And right before the one mitten ran off with the other mitten it told you, "It's not you, it's me?" *So you're telling me that my Halloween is yet to come.* For shame-have you no sense of romance?
  13. Most definitely A Christmas Story. It's A Wonderful Life-I watch this every year. And it makes me cry every year. Nightmare Before Christmas A Wish For Wings That Work-For fans of Bloom County. This is one of the most hilarious holiday cartoons EVER. Anything Rankin Bass, but especially Year Without A Santa Claus A Christmas Carol (1984)-I think I just happened to see this first, which is why I prefer it to the Sims version. I cry every year when I watch this-the themes of hope and redemption will seem particularly poignant this year. Grinch Who Stole Christmas-Definitely NOT the Ji
  14. *I am fine. I am only going out of town for awhile.* Ah! Good to know! *No reason to be concerned for me.* The curse of an overactive imagination. I can misread a situation in seconds! *So I hope you've been able to save enough images to decorate your bedroom, bathroom and fire-pit.* Are you kidding? I thought I had been spoiled before! My work hard drive is filled with images from this thread. The powers that be are probably wondering why the ink on the color copier is disappearing so quickly.
  15. *Due in large part to the fact that my original hard drive is still unaccessible but also because I will soon be away from this computer for awhile, the "One-A-Day" Poster Gallery is going on indefinite hiatus.* Kyle! We will all miss you terribly! I hope all is well with you and that you'll be able to return soon.
  16. *That's a change. I'm usually just socked without warning.* I can't say that's a surprise. I'm sure you do something to deserve it.
  17. Okay, look-there's still a bit of time for us to find a nice, sincere pumpkin patch (it's not yet nine o'clock here). But I warn you-if you try to hold my hand I'll sock you! P.S. Don't forget the Dolly Madisons.
  18. *And then there's Minya the Grinch.* Oh, you're just miffed because I wouldn't let you bring rocks to our riverside picnic.
  19. *Minya's no Grinch, Frank!* HA ha! (Nelson Muntz laugh) Thanks FF! We have to stick together against those (and by those I mean Mr. Grimes) that would try to tear us down.
  20. *Here's our Halloween spread I made this year (yes I actually cooked - ha!!). The hot dog things are supposed to look like mummies.* Love the spread! Do I see little faces on the mummies? A friend of mine does a mini version of this (Lil' Smokies in the crescent roll dough) for all my parties and they are always among the first things to disappear.
  21. *I am so definitely getting one of those for next year.* Ditto for me! I've always wanted one of the fog machines, and that sounds like a very cool combination!
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