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  1. *I pulled the rope dealy and this is what I heard:* Hilarious! Nix the bell idea, I'm totally doing this instead!
  2. *I've been meaning to watch that since recording it a few days ago, when TCM showed it* D'oh! I missed it!
  3. *Shame on you! You need to think of your six kids! So did they have fun trick or treating?* I'm sticking my tongue out at you. Again. I'm afraid that I will disappoint the local trick or treaters this year-October has been too busy, so I'm just going to kick back tonight. It's too bad-I got good reviews the last two years. The one thing that the kids absolutely love about this house (actually everybody-pollsters, the pizza guy, the mailman, my dad) is that instead of a doorbell there is a kind of a rope pull thing attached to windchimes inside the house (it used to be a bell and I'd ki
  4. *I'm especially excited to see Kongo; it sounds really dirty and nasty and depraved - right up my alley!!* I like how you think! And now I'll have to check it out-it certainly sounds intriguing!!
  5. I absolutely love both of these! Kyle- Have a lovely Halloween-may you find the most sincere pumpkin patch and get no rocks in your trick or treat bag.
  6. The Whistler is one of my favorite old time radio programs, so this is a double treat.
  7. *This wonderful thread is a year and a couple days old.* Actually, isn't it exactly a year old today? It says the original post was October 29, 2007. Congratulations, Kyle! And although I feel odd posting a picture on a thread that has so many amazing images on it, I thought this was in order- You rock.
  8. *http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkiIsmFOWjI* What the H? Are you trying to get me fired? No, don't answer that. My coworkers are used to me suddenly chuckling over what I might be looking at on the interwebs, but I would have hard time explaining the ballet scene to the various bigwigs that occasionally wander around the office.
  9. *I haven't seen the new Mr. and Mrs. Smith* Me neither, actually. I've heard quite a bit about it, though. Unfortunately the dramatic stylings of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt don't do a whole lot for me.
  10. *Well...they do say cigarettes will kill ya!* So true! The more I think about it, the more I like the idea-I'm going to pretend that they are cigarettes-it seems more art nouveau than knives.
  11. *The "Smiths" don't spend much time yucking it up as they are depicted in the poster* You mean all the sexy running around 'who's your daddy' trying to kill each other type stuff? Oh wait...that was that OTHER Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
  12. I had to look at this one twice. At first I thought she had cigarettes sticking out of her back.
  13. *Darn, how did those photos of me with Richard Basehart and a chocolate cream pie come to light??* I always knew there were stories that weren't yet told!
  14. I think I've mentioned the Google-offs we have at work occasionally to pass the time, and I wanted to do one in honor of your birthday. I have to tell you, Bronxgirl 48 brought up a startling number of pornographic images. I decided it would be better to spare everyone from that and so I amnded the search to Bronx Girl Birthday and found a very nice entry- Happy Birthday!
  15. *Of course, if you're just fond of the movie because you've seen it before, well, that's different.* I would be remiss if I didn't admit that it was because of it's trashy element.
  16. I love both these posters, but I'm sure it will come as no surprise that I particularly like the Virtue poster. I think I also forgot to tell you how much I liked the Day of the Jackal poster.
  17. *For the Kiddie....Try Mad Monster Party? (1969) W./Boris Karloff, Allen Swift, Gale Garnett!* Ummm, I really love Mad Monster Party. I will also second Arsenic and Old Lace-I watch that every October.
  18. *I also love how those song titles look together. Hey, love stinks, call me. That mix could add up to an unforgettable fire.* This gave me quite a chuckle! You're funny. *What's step two?* It doesn't involve rocks, I'll tell you that.
  19. *That's not to say I don't like my love songs, too.* You know you're putting all kinds of ammunition in my hands with these choices, right? I fully support your Police selections, though. *It was one of the first 45s I ever got.* The first 45 I ever bought with my own money was Love Stinks by the J. Geils Band. I think the second one was Call Me by Blondie. I bought them bought at a corner grocery. That just blows my mind. I actually bought U2's Unforgettable Fire at Safeway. *I'm far from a king or prince. Maybe Court Jester of Pain.* You're finally being honest with your
  20. *But it is possible the Gallery has reached the final days. I recently got a new computer and was just beginning the process of transferring my old files, etc on to the new computer - when the old computer decided it no longer wanted to work. So the hard drive with all the poster images is inaccessible right now and may be lost forever.* I've been thinking about this and crossing my fingers like you asked. I hope everything works out with the computer. I figure if you can't figure it out immediately, you can always do a poster retrospective of everything you've already posted. You have su
  21. *A cheerful video, if ever there was one.* Everyone sing!!! I guess Nick Cave had this weird obsession with Kylie Minogue for a while when the Murder Ballads album was being recorded. When I heard that I was like " Kylie Minogue? The chick who sang Locomotion?". Weird.
  22. *You should talk to Minya about it. She has six lovely kids.* Sigh. *All I know is that I am right about everything and everyone else is wrong unless they agree with me.* The friend with whom I have my most 'spirited' conversation always laughs when I say "We'll agree to disagree as long as we both agree that I'm right". Wisely, he always agrees. *Now that we are in full agreement, how about a stroll along the river to celebrate?* Okay, let's go. I give up. It's too draining to try and fight your particular brand of logic.
  23. *It could be revenge, good thinking. Or, I wonder if it's because this thread is so full of baloney* *(FrankGrimes) that it's malfunctioning the servers?* This almost made me spit my water out.
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