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  1. Merry Christmas, Kyle!! Thank you for another wonderful year in images.
  2. I have to agree about Mr. Mature's smile-it's just so.... All the same, I was thinking about saving these for my bordello firepit collection. Oh! I also loved the Paris Playboys image! But you know I'm a sucker for anything featuring the Eiffel Tower. I'm going to London in February and we get to take a day trip to Paris. So excited!!
  3. Hi Kyle- You have the support of many of us who frequent this thread. I'm really saddened by this latest turn of events-surely we are all adults capable of seeing provocative images. You know what? Screw that. There was nothing provocative about the Footlight Parade poster. Not only is it, as you mentioned an image that TCM uses on their own site, I happen to have a poster of it in my office. I bought it at a bookstore I used to work at. It was part of collection of classic movie images put together in calendar form. And it was in full view of children, the elderly and people on day p
  4. *Conquest of the Pole* is unbelievable! And the *Merchant of Venice* poster is cracking me up-Shylock doesn't look like he's going to extract a pound of your flesh so much as he's going to sell you a really bad used car.
  5. Thanks for another great month of images! Luckily I don't get many trick or treaters, so I plan to kick back and watch some of the stuff I've DVR'd off of TCM this month. I love Halloween so much!
  6. Yaaaay! Thank you for the wonderful start to October (and my favorite holiday-Halloween)! I scrolled through the posters quickly initially and had two thoughts (besides Awesome!)- I thought the one poster said The Mattresses of Dracula and when I saw the English title for Dracula Has Risen from the Grave, my first thought after looking at the drawing was "and he's not happy about it". What can I tell you? I just got up. Anyway, this post is just chock full of win.
  7. Hi Kyle- May I offer a belated thanks for such a wonderful month of posters? You really outdid yourself! I was particularly excited to see Rudolph Valentino on my birthday!
  8. Kyle- These have all been amazing! I have been saving images like crazy-my desktop is never boring. I love the simplicity of these posters. It sounds funny, but they remind me of old time baseball cards (like, really old-I can't remember what the time frame was, maybe the teens or twenties) but for movies. Now, I would have collected those!
  9. *Hey "Mlle. Minya"! Did you know that Gun Crazy (premiering tonight on TCM) had an alternate title?* No! And I missed seeing it, too. I was enjoying Bastille Day dinner with my Pop and got home too late. I really need to get a guide so I quit missing stuff. *I kinda like this title better.* Me too. *And I bet "Nothing Deadlier Is Known To FrankGrimes" either.* Giggle.
  10. *I thought "four" was your personal best.* Well, I don't like to brag or anything....
  11. A secret that wrecked THREE men's lives? Now that's power.
  12. *Well, ya know. What can I tell ya. It's French. And with the French, it's all about sex - even in a movie as chaste as The Heiress.* *Kyle In Hollywood* It's true. We're a sexy people.
  13. *joefilmone wrote:* *Talk about false advertising! They make is look like the story of some slutty tease and a bad magician.* *Now, that's a movie I'd like to see.* Me too, actually.
  14. Oh the shock! Oh the scandal!!! Naw, just kidding. I like it.
  15. So when it says the bride kissed everybody, does that also mean Joan Crawford and Billie Burke? How scandalous! Naturally, I loved the Sea Hawk poster, Kyle! Thanks for posting that! I loved Lili too, but I am just now getting over a cold type thing that lasted for about two weeks, so I couldn't tell you until now.
  16. *Now I am glad I chose this in place of a The Blue Dahlia image.* I like this too. Sadly, I missed *Blue Gardenia* today, but I did catch *The Blue Dahlia*. I also loved the *What Price Hollywood* poster! *My mental image of Minya is very close to that of Anne Baxter in that poster*. I wish I was that glamourous! While I do lean towards retro dresses and I do usually have a flower in my hair, I try not to drink too many cocktails at bars with known wolves. Waking up in the morning not knowing if you've killed someone is super stressful. Edited by: Minya on May 16, 2010 2
  17. *It's not your fault, it's the schedule.* You're an international spy, aren't you? *I see her kicking jammies.* What does this even mean?
  18. *BTW - if things don't work out for the trip to London, woud you consider coming to Hollywood next spring for the second TCM Classic Film Festival? I can try to put in a good word for a screening of Captain Blood - or The Black Pirate.* That is very tempting! If things fall through, you'll be the first to know!
  19. Hi Kyle- A friend of mine forwarded me this link, and I thought of you. It's a site for Polish movie posters. Some contemporary, some classic. http://www.polishposter.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=posters&Offset=0&Category_Code=USA&Previous_Stack_Depth=0&Previous_Stack_1= Hopefully I've done the link correctly!
  20. *Hope you are well. You've been so quiet lately.* I know! It's an unnatural state for me-ask anyone who knows me. I've been slacking about commenting, but I look at the thread every morning. Speaking of which, I love the Blue Angel poster for today! Okay-off to check out the other thread! Hey-were you able to check out/participate in the big Classic Film Festival?
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