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  1. *All I can say is "WoW!" The Red Shoes poster leaves me breathless!* I wholeheartedly second that. This is a gorgeous poster.
  2. *Now, a TCM evening of Thank God It's Friday, Roller Boogie, Can't Stop The Music and Xanadu would definitely cause me to rethink the slight I've given to TGIF.* Now that is a winning line up. But maybe for TCM Underground. Speaking of Xanadu-a few months ago, some of the friends I have movie nights with subjected me to Mamma Mia. It made me want to poke my own eyes out. I retaliated by making them watch Xanadu (which is a guilty pleasure of mine).
  3. Kyle, *Thank God It's Friday* is on TCM in primetime and yet it did not merit a poster of the day? EXPLANATION, PLEASE!!
  4. YOWZA!!!!! I knew you'd come up with something amazing!
  5. *Back to Paris? Or taking wing to another part of the globe?* London this time-some friends are moving there and have extended an invitation. I've never been there and not having to pay for a hotel makes it a whole lot cheaper, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Of course, said friend still has to officially be accepted into school, sooooo...... *Well, you already are my "first" lady.*
  6. Hi Kyle- I guess it's just been a little hectic around here lately. I'm not sure why. But when I haven't been running around, I've been sleeping. Plus, I'm starting to plan another overseas excursion for next February or so. *Are you looking forward to Pirates Of The Caribbean night on Wednesday?* Totally! It's the one night this week when I don't have something to do. So excited!! But I think I'll make sure to watch *Gorgeous Hussy* before it all starts, since it is something I aspire to.
  7. *"There's nobody sweeter than...Kyle?"* I couldn't agree more.
  8. Let me add my thanks for the 31 Days Of Fabulousness. I added many gems to my movie poster file.
  9. *Me?! I think it's Minya he's spotlighting* Are you saying I'm a tawdry woman?
  10. Damn! You beat me to it! Also, if his name is already Johnny Trouble, is the story of how trouble came to him kind of a prequel?
  11. *I would love to see TCM program a month of your "not so greats."* If you bring the popcorn, I'll watch them with you. *Do you think anyone would complain on the board? Naaaaaaaaaah, I don't think so, either.* Typical-no word for months, then you come in with your one-liners, trying to stir up trouble.
  12. *Boobier?* *I never even knew that was a word, Chief.* Neither did I. But I'm certainly going to start using it if I can stop giggling.
  13. Kyle- So excited for the 31 days of Oscar poster offerings! I will be up bright and early for the nomination annoucements tomorrow morning-it's like Christmas for me. P.S. Thanks for the delicious Errol Flynn posters!!
  14. Kyle- Thanks for another year of lovely posters! You're always a bright spot in my day. I'm glad you have the night off, but try not to pick up too many floozies. Double thanks for the Thin Man posters! I am ringing in the New Year by watching Nick and Nora, who never cease to crack me up and whose relationship I aspire to find in my own life. I also aspire to be as cool as Myrna Loy. Happy New Year!
  15. The Black Pirate AND posters for Seattle and Paris? Yay!
  16. Kyle, you sly devil you. I had no idea this was here, and I almost missed out on all the Footlight Parade posters, the Elvgren girl (one of my favorite **** artists) and that amazing poster for Thou Shalt Not. I'm so excited!
  17. Loving all the Christmas entries! Of course, I have a special place in my heart for the Christmas Story one. And I have to admit, I just can't quit It's A Wonderful Life. I still have to see it every year, and the Italian poster is great.
  18. *Thanks you two. Now I feel guilty.* Well, my work here is done.
  19. I actually liked the *Why We Fight* set. I just didn't post anything. Now I feel so GUILTY! But *Arsenic and Old Lace* is one of my favorite movies. Even though the artist made the old ladies look like men in grandma drag.
  20. I am unfamiliar with this film, but I LOVE the poster. Which I'm sure will come as a surprise to you, Kyle. P.S. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!
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