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  1. Obviously the ratings system is not as strict in that say, a married couple in a movie can sleep in the same bed, but maybe more in terms of general terms of political correctness controlling movie content. Films post Hayes, featuring something like, to use your example (kind of )an abortion, or anything alluding to it either would not have been made or considered so scandalous that they would have gone pretty much undergound. As you say, these days you can see the whole procedure start to finish and no one really blinks an eye-I think part of that is in this era that's a legal procedure
  2. I'm glad I asked for it too-I'm having a lot of fun with the responses! And it is fascinating to see what what on pre-code and how it compares with the censors now. While in many ways anything goes in films these days, there are still times when I think the censors are way more strict now- more than anything in the Hayes code.
  3. I'm shocked, SHOCKED by that allegation! I've never instigated anything in my WHOLE life. EVER. Ask.....well, ask someone who doesn't know me and I'll bet a million dollars that they'd say it's almost certain that I'd probably never instigate something. Unless provoked. I'm surprised and delighted by the scandalous talk that has resulted from the posting of the Footlight Parade poster-and to be perfectly honest, I didn't realize that they were kinda **** until someone else pointed it out. Hilarious!
  4. God I miss Bob Dorian! I really miss Remember Wenn (and I wish AMC would do something right and release it to DVD), I miss the Halloween Monstervision that wasn't comprised solely of Halloween 3-5 and I miss seeing actual classic movies, which are now the exception instead of the rule. I've posted this question before, but it's worth asking again-when did Harry and the Hendersons become an american movie classic?
  5. Well, duh. But that's what makes it fun-if you understand that the Oscars have very little to do with what really deserves an award, and everything to do with who had the best marketing campaign, who gets a sympathy vote and who **** off the Academy the least, then you can relax and have fun. It always kind of puzzles me when people get all ruffled about the Oscars-has it ever really NOT been about glitz, glamour and popularity? NOT about public appeal? I see movies regardless of possible Oscar potential, and I don't take it personally if something that deserves it doesn't win, becaus
  6. Please, please oh please-do you have one for Footlight Parade? One of my favorite movies, and one of my favorite movies with Cagney, and there are at least two more Wednesdays in January!
  7. While a programming choice might raise my eyebrows every once and again, I'm not going to start the boycott just yet. While The Terminator is not one of my all time favorites, it IS an iconic film and considered a classic, at least amongst the movie nerds I hang out with. I loathe Elvis, but I can also see how his movies made the cut-for all I know someone else might feel the same way about a series of movies I love-the Busby Berkley, Errol Flynn or Marx Brothers marathons they've done might have not sat well with people even though they are considered more 'classic'. I get your concern th
  8. I'm thrilled to have found this thread-I'm madly in love with all of the posters I've seen so far, and that's only going back a few pages. One of my personal favorites is The Sin of Nora Moran.
  9. I LOVE being on a board where someone makes the Minya/Son Of Godzilla connection. That's just really cool.
  10. Well, I always try to watch one of the many Godzilla movies in my collection when I'm under the weather-Godzilla Vs. Monster Zero (or Astro Monster to us purists) is a particular gem. Barring that, I'd say either a Busby Berkeley movie-any really, but Footlight Parade is one of the very best, an Astaire/Rogers flick or maybe Captain Blood. I find all of them enormously comforting when I'm sick.
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