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  1. *I believe the poster is an early attempt at "photoshopping" - long before there was a Photoshop. It looks to me as if the poster is an odd hybrid of photographic faces/heads pasted onto drawn torsos. I guess the better WB artists weren't available to do a really good job on the likenesses of of O'Brien and Jason.* I'm glad you mentioned that, because that's what I was thinking when I looked at it too, like maybe someone else was going to be in the picture and they already had it drawn and then it was recast or something.
  2. Well, I've got to go with the Falcon and the Co-eds. Too good of a title to pass up.
  3. I actually saw this in 3-D. weird. *I almost posted this one which is supposedly very rare but mostly "graceless" in its imagery.* I love both of these, but neither of them really looks like Grace Kelly. Odd that.
  4. *It certainly looks like Maureen O'Hara is not buying whatever it is Doug,Jr is trying to sell.* This is exactly what I thought when I saw it. She's all like, whatevs.
  5. *And, btw, I agree with you, Mme. Minya is a pirate.* Kyle! This forum is an embarrassment of riches tonight!! Happy Halloween!!
  6. When these posters were first loading, all I could see was the top of the red mask and I have to tell you, I thought it was a giant tomato. For a moment I thought it was a poster for *Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.*
  7. I have to say, every time I see the new Karloff posters, it makes me think of *Arsenic and Old Lace* and how Raymond Massey's character gets upset because everybody keeps telling him he reminds them of Boris Karloff.
  8. *So, have you picked out a costume for Halloween? How's this?* While I think I'd make a great piratess, it's supposed to be cold and rainy this weekend here in Seattle. Also, I will be helping to take a six year old trick or treating sooooo...maybe next year.
  9. *I think there's just something "special" about the painting in the background, doncha think? * You mean that it's a skull? Please tell me it's the skull and I'm not missing the forest for the trees.
  10. *The Haunting (1963) France* Everything is just more enchanced in French, isn't it?
  11. Kyle- You had me a little worried about what Karloff images were coming after the Frankenstein discussion, but I love these! Especially the Fu Manchu one.
  12. *My brother just asked me yesterday what vampire film I thought was the best, and it's definitely Nosferatu, for me. Followed by a film called Let the Right One In.* I'm so excited that you like Let The Right One In! it's easily one of the best vampire films I've seen in a while (Near Dark being one of the other biggies), and just plain one of the best movies I've seen recently. I just finished the book too, and it made me appreciate what a good job they did in adapting it.
  13. P.S. Great Nosferatu poster! Very excited about watching it tonight! I actually watched Les Diaboliques in my high school French class.
  14. *I know the image isn't crisp and pristine but I can't believe nobody was taken with the idea of Miss Sadie Thompson in 3-D! That bit of info was what made the poster for me. Or am I the only person who didn't know the film was presented (for a time) in 3-D?* I didn't know it was presented in in 3-D, but I did have a good giggle over someone as va-va-voom as Rita Hayworth being presented in this format. I wonder if any of the men seeing it passed out in the aisles from overexcitement?
  15. Kyle- As ever, I am loving the *Halloween Darkness Before Dawn* Posters. But the Swedish posters and the green/gold/yellow series you put up for *mvblair* have been an unexpected bonus! They're great!
  16. *What????? I'm confused. No Karloff? Now I think you're gonna hate me next week. (I ain't changing it now.)* I loved the images, I just can't look at them all the time. I had a similar reaction the the Phantom of the Opera-loved the poster, but I couldn't keep it. I tried to watch the movie too, but I had to turn it off. When I was a kid, there was a restaurant around here called Pizza and Pipes and they would show that movie and then a guy dressed as the Phantom would come out and play the pipe organ. Scared the living daylights out of me. We only went there once. *That's my girl. An
  17. Love the *Model fron Montmartre* poster! But I'd have to put the kibosh on Karloff on my living room walls. I still have issues from seeing Frankenstein as a kid.
  18. *But next week should make you really happy - if I don't jettison the image in favor of a week-long, Second Anniversary Halloween celebration* I vote for this.
  19. *Is it wrong to love that FREAKS poster so much?* If it's wrong, I don't want to be right. Loving these posters, Kyle.
  20. It's funny to see Lucille Ball looking so femme fatale.
  21. How depressing. I expect silliness like that on other sites, not here. I wonder who made that call? It's really too bad-I liked those posters for the same reason I love the Sin of Nora Moran poster-amazing, yet stark and unexpected images. People can be so frustrating.
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