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  1. Wow! Double whammy of awesomeness this morning! Love the Karloff posters and I am insane about that Ecstasy poster! It's amazing.
  2. God, I love Halloween. The poster for Tales of Terror is nuts!
  3. I've never seen the movies, but The Whistler is one of my favorite old time radio shows.
  4. *I don't remember farming being that sexy....* *Touchdown!* *giggle*
  5. It makes me giggle to think of Donna Reed being in a movie that may involve love nesters and shock slayers, to say nothing of sensation seekers.
  6. The TCM board is trying my last nerve. Again. But I'm glad I was able to get on and thank you for the Errol Flynn goodness. That's the second nice thing to happen to me this morning.
  7. *I actually like the French poster more. It's the vibrant red.* Does that mean you prefer scarlet women?
  8. *Is that Donna Reed, SoKyle?* Not unless she became a redhead, I think. At firs, I thought the guy was Clark Gable.
  9. Oh, Kyle, you always post the perfect thing. Here I was bemoaning that lack of a True Blood (set in Louisiana dontcha know) episode tonight and you post three Bayou related trashy movie posters. Sweet.
  10. *And how dare you capture my drive-in happenings with Minya and make* *a Date Bait poster. You have it all wrong! It was much more pleasant. She enjoyed* *jumping in the trunk. Anything to get away from me.* Does this mean you're the Date Bait or I am? It's hard watching movies from a trunk. But at least he bought me popcorn.
  11. My coworkers are starting to wonder about the laughter that erupts from my area every morning. These posters are amazing and hilarious! As ever Kyle, your thread is a great way to start the day.
  12. *What is Natur-ama?* It means that the movie is shot so realistically that when you're watching it, you feel like you're running wild and committing crimes as part of a teen gang.
  13. *It's just a damn shame it cannot be said for...* You always have to be a mixer, don't you?
  14. *I heard she was going to the Drive-In with you. You didn't forget to let her out of the trunk, did you?* Don't you two start with me. I see that I will be doing quite a bit of right click saving with your latest gallery. Yay!
  15. Mr. Grimes will be ever so excited to see these! Well, if he ever comes back-he hasn't been around in a while.
  16. I loved *The Pirate* one of course, but I loved seeing the image for *The Clock* again, too-just so sweet and romantic.
  17. I love both of these, but especially the *Midnight* one.
  18. *Uh-oh! You stay cool. "Heat" can cause even good girls to get into trouble.* Don't I know it. Love the poster!!! Although, it does crack me up that Leslie Nielsen is in it.
  19. I particularly like the poster for The Rains Came, but mostly because it's about ninety kabillion degrees (this is an actual temperature reading, you just don't hear it very often) here in Seattle AGAIN, and I would really love some rain.
  20. You can never go wrong with Errol Flynn. Well, not as far as I'm concerned.
  21. This is one of the best posters I've ever seen. So keeping this.
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