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  1. Kyle- I feel as if I've fallen behind in declaring my admiration for your thread. But this forum has been so sticky that I become frustrated quickly with the difficulty of trying to post a simple message. But I loved Dick Tracy's G Men, Dark Victory and the Saint Strikes Back. All fabulous-as usual you've made great choices.
  2. LOVE the Golden Boy poster! It cracks me up to see Martha Raye in a girlish pose back when she was well, girlish. It's hard for me to separate her from denture commercials.
  3. *Maybe someday I'll get to post Junior G-Men of the Air. Or Zombies Of The Stratosphere. Or Captain Video. But Lord only knows how I'll be able to work those in.* All of these titles sound wonderful! Especially Zombies Of The Stratosphere, Weirder the better-I finally watched Rat Pfink a Boo Boo (great backstory to that title) and The Incredibly Strange Creatures... that I DVRd ages ago. It went great with my True Blood Marathon. I have complete faith that you will find the most interesting way to display those posters.
  4. *Good girls go to Paris? Boy, times have certainly changed. Only the really bad girls go there now.* I knew he wouldn't be able to resist.
  5. First, Happy (belated) Fourth! Naturally, I love the Good Girls Go To Paris poster (although I'm bracing for snarky comments from a certain Mr. Grimes), but I also loved yesterday's Flying G-Men!
  6. *I think she is "on strike" because the "vampy dames" have been absent around here lately. And my plans for July aren't going to give me chance to make it up to her either. (sorry Mlle.)* I had no idea of being so missed! No strike, just very busy. And apparently I've irked the techno gods at work, because I tried to send a reply numerous times and it just didn't work. Anyway, I've loved all of the posters even if they were sans vampy dames or buccaneers. And even though I strongly believe that yes, everything actually *is* about me, I want everyone to have their own particular f
  7. *Try Blood and Sand 1941, with beautiful Linda Darnell and Rita Hayworth, and beautiful Tyrone and Anthony Quinn.* I've never seen this version. I do love the 1922 version with the beautiful Rudolph Valentino, however. Grimey, I was thinking of you the other day-I finally watched *Cat People* and *Curse of the Cat People* that I had DVR'd ages ago. You're a big Val Lewton fan, aren't you? Or did I just make that up in my brain? Anyway, I loved them.
  8. Oh Kyle! You have brought some light to what has been a trying weekend! I love Errol Flynn and I love these movies! Of course, we all know how I feel about pirates. I actually have the Captain Blood poster in the pirate bathroom. It's one of my favorites. I'm also thrilled that I could actualy post this.
  9. *.....WRITER NOT. ATTN TCM TECHS - FIX IT PLEASE. spam spam spam spam spam for lunch spam for tea spam is plastered all over me. i do not like spam. no, i don't.* What the H?
  10. And yet, I can't help but feel like *Casanova Brown* sounds like a blaxploitation flick from the seventies. Message was edited by: Minya
  11. Ah! Success! I have been pretty much unable to get on to the message boards lately and thus have missed many an opportunity to compliment you on posters. I'm glad it let me through today- I love it!
  12. *I've never used this space to promote "current" films - but these retro "travel" posters are too good (and too witty) not to post.* I think you made a good choice for your foray into current films. Disney (Pixar) may be part of the Evil Empire, but they really know their stuff.
  13. *I arrived in Paris at night, and we ended up in the Place de la Concorde.* I am so envious!! I can't inagine how great it would have been to come over that skyline at night! *Because of the skewed perspective, things are actually farther away than you think.* We learned this too! That day we went to the Louvre, we decided to walk back through the Tuileries to the Musee de l'Orangerie and then Place de la Concorde (that spot was amazing and eerie at the same time) before walking up the Champs-Elysees. About halfway up we were surpsrised to see how far away the L'Arc de Triomphe s
  14. *After we got off the train and were still in the station, we got on the Metro to go to our hotel. While we were riding along a man came by playing an accordion and the French professor leaned over to me and with a big smile said ?he?s playing that just for you?. Well, that did me in, and I was in love with Paris before I even really saw any of it* You couldn't have stated it any more perfectly!!! This was exactly how I felt, almost on arrival. We got to hear some wonderful music in the Metro. Mostly it was accordionists-which seemed so perfectly Parisian, but one afternoon we had the mo
  15. *Welcome back, Minya! What was your favorite thing about Paris??* I wish I could pick just one thing! Everything was so unbelievable. I was amazed at the way you're surrounded by history in this city-in a matter of a few Metro stops, you can see where Van Gogh lived and where Renoir stashed some of his mistresses. You can see the site of the beheading of Marie Antoinette (or get on the RER too see where she lived) and where so much of the insanity of the Revolution happened. In the basement level of the Louvre are the original fortress walls (it was where the kings lived until Versai
  16. *Not from what I've read...* That's my new wallpaper.
  17. *Bonjour, Minya! -- Welcome back! Your photos are stunning. The shot of the* *Hotel des Invalides is especially gorgeous. I love being able to see what the city looks* *from that view.* Thanks! The view really was breathtaking! I could only really look out over the city because if I looked down I started to get a little dizzy. I took pictures from both the middle and top deck and it was interesting to see the way the perspective changed. *So are you allowed to return to Paris?* Well, *I* am, but I did make sure to put your name on a few 'no fly' lists. If I had the means,
  18. *Lovely pictures Minya. Your photos breathe, i.e. they were not taken too close to the subject. L'Arc de Triomphe is even more beautiful when it has a little context. The inclusion of the bannister from the tower gives a sense of what it might be like to be standing there. The chapel is all the more beautiful when viewed from a respectful distance. You are a good photographer.* Thanks for the compliments, lafitte!!! I'm really pleased with the way most of the photos turned out-now I just have to organize them all.
  19. *In my mind I am going to imagine you travelling around the city with a Red Balloon following close behind. Because it all looks that magical and sublime.* I think I did catch sight of a Red Balloon once or twice. Paris really *is* that magical and sublime. You would think that maybe it wouldn't measure up completely to the way people describe it but it really does.
  20. Hi Grimey- As requested, a few shots from Paris (sorry they're so huge-I didn't know how to downsize them): In order- The Eiffel Tower, which was about five minutes from our hotel. It was like the Northern Star-you could see it from pretty much anywhere and we knew that all we had to do was heads towards it and we would be home. L'Arc de Triomphe, which was the first thing we saw when we got to the Metro. You can actually climb up to the top if you are so inclined. We weren't. . A view of the city from the second deck of the tower. The gold domed building is the
  21. *And with "Mlle. Minya" in Paris this week I think I can get away with a special request or two.* Glad to see that the love was spread around! Paris was amazing. Wonderful. Beautiful. It was love at first sight.
  22. KYLE!!! I'm speechless! And I can guarantee that it doesn't happen often. I'm going to print out all off these images, complete with your commentary, and put it together into a kind of packet. I will then present it at the hotel so they understand exactly what type of experience I am expecting from the City of Lights. It's Paris, so I'm sure they'll understand immediately. Thank you so much! I'm thrilled to have my own selection of posters. The top one makes me grin because the pin up looks a little like Doris Day-could she have had a side career that no one knew about until now?
  23. *I'll make it work. I'm ready to paint toenails.* Mine or your own?
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