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  1. *I wonder if Minya will allow me to stowaway to France with her. I'm ready to beg.* I love to see a man beg, but I'm such a good person that I'd let you stowaway for nothing. I'm not checking any bags-do you think you could fit in the overhead compartment?
  2. Hi Kyle- I thought your segment was today as well-or are you just being modest? My favorite of this bunch is the poster for *Grand Illusion*, but the poster for *Those Lips Those Eyes* is cracking me up. When I first saw the picture, I thought it was Bert Convy and not Frank Langella. I've never seen this movie (in truth, I had never heard of it until recently) but it does have Mr. Langella in it-I had such a crush on him when I saw him in *Dracula*-a dreadful adaptation, but I totally would have given up sunlight for him.
  3. Oh Kyle, you're the most. Every time I tell someone that I'm going to Paris, I recieve a serenade. It's been pretty nice. I think it just finally hit home yesterday that I'm really going. Three weeks from now, I'll actually be there. Jeekies! But as I look at this poster, I realize that neither of the dresses I'm bringing have skirts that flare this much-I'll have to do something about that if I'm to *display the proper amount of joie de vivre! *No pun intended. Message was edited by: Minya
  4. My day felt slightly out of whack with no entry yesterday. Was that some kind of April Fool's joke? Today's poster is another lovely image in one of your best series yet. Guest Programmer week is getting closer! I can't wait to see your segment!
  5. *A gam man, huh? Good for you.* I prefer the term 'stems'. I wonder what the origin is of the word 'gams'?
  6. *I spend too much time around squirrels and have acquired their lousy memory.* You have no idea how much I laughed over this statement.
  7. What great timing, Kyle! We just went to see the Burlesque Alice in Wonderland last night and this poster so reminds me of the show.
  8. What will the next hundred years bring to mankind? I for one hope it includes those new style togas for men that I see in the right hand corner. Oh, and less reality television. Fantastic poster!
  9. Kyle- I had to look at this for a while before I figured out why it was so familiar-it reminds me so much of the Boris Karloff Walking Dead poster (with a splash of The Mummy) from the beginning of your thread. Is it the same artist, I wonder? Anyway, this is another great poster.
  10. I love the Looney Tunes stuff! I'm glad I had room on my DVR to record all of last night's shows. Phantom Tollbooth is one of my all time favorite kid's books, but I'd never seen the movie.
  11. *Obviously they were trying to market the movie to a younger audience- because yeah I can see a lot of 1970's kids standing in line to hear Clint Eastwood sing.* This cracks me up because I've never actually seen Paint Your Wagon, so when it appeared on an episode of the Simpson's, I assumed that they were lampooning the movie when they showed Clint Eastwood singing. It was only just recently that I found out that they weren't kidding.
  12. *Tarty? More like tardy.* You may be right. I feel like I won't know my own full tart potential until I am wearing these pajamas in my hotel room in Paris. That looks worse than it sounded in my head.
  13. *Wolf whistle! What kind of trip is this again?* I usually dress more for comfort when I sleep, but I figured if Paris isn't a city for tarty pajamas then I don't know what is.
  14. *Why must you tell everyone who I am?! I'm ruined! Well, I guess I'll have to live* *with the truth. I'm one of the best... persons... in the worrrrrrrrrrld.* Oh, you kid. Well, we got this really excellent fare, but the catch is this-we have to go up to Vancouver, BC catch a plane and fly back down to Seattle and then direct to Paris. I don't know if it's because it's Air France or what, but if we didn't take the little detour, it would have added an additional four hundred dollars to the fare. As it is, my ticket was $633 round trip, which is a very nice deal. To celebrate I went
  15. *I wonder what country he is?* Well, when you Google "Drunkest country in the world" the result you get is this: *LUXEMBOURG glugs more than 15.5 litres of alcohol per person in a year, more than any other country.* That could be our answer.
  16. *"Let the nation, let the world stand on notice." Grimes, thought to be recuperating at The Mission Dolores, could not be reached for comment.* Thought to be recuperating, hmmm? I wonder. This evening I was watching Countdown with Keith Olbermann. He was at the Best Persons in the Word segment and the second story spoke of a man who was pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence. After refusing to take the Breathalyzer,he told the officer he could not be arrested or charged. Why, you ask? Because he was a country unto himself, in himself. Where did this take place? Pen
  17. Les Marx Brothers look even better a la francaise! Love this poster!
  18. *Zorro's Fighting Legion, Saturday Mornings during March.* Heck, is there anything Zorro CAN'T do?
  19. *Non? Those are the three most common things girls says to me.* I'm not sure I want to know what you're saying to the girls to elicit thse repsonses. *Some even slap and stab.* I'm pretty sure you deserve it. *What?! You're a self-admitted mutt, Muttley!* I just knew you'd call me on that one! *Nicole of Arc!* I like it. But I have no plans on being burned at the stake. *Now, do you really think I'd laugh at you, Plungy?* Ohhh, I think we all know that answer to that!
  20. Grimey! How did people find not one, but TWO pictures of you???
  21. *I am trying something more manageable by trying to get my church to add chocolate as a fifth foundation of the church. I have some supporters but no official support.* May I suggest a chocolate fountain? I bought a table top one for my Oscar party and it was a smashing success. In a church setting it might seem more reverential than just regular chocolates. *My daughter does love music. She plays the piano a little and is studying ballet and apparently doing well. Some music of hers is beyond my tolerance but she is quite up to talking and enjoying the music I listen to. She's ok.*
  22. Kyle- So of course I love this poster, but I keep falling behind in telling you how great all of the 31 Days of Oscar posters have been! There have been some real gems!! Thanks!!
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