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  1. For some reason when I saw the title The Harder They Fall (before I clicked and saw the images) I thought of that Jimmy Cliff movie, and then I remembered two things-the title of that movie is The Harder They Come and while it is considered a classic to some, it is probably unlikely that you would be posting an image from a seventies reggae movie. Anyway, this has been another great week poster wise, and I really loved yesterday's Way Down East.
  2. *Now, excuse me as I get out of the way so Mlle. Minya can have at you for your other comments.* Thank you, Kyle. Now Mr.Grimes, I could say all kinds of things, like *How dare you!!* and *You're dead to me* and *You'll get yours!!*, but I won't. I'm much too well bred to lower myself to that kind of exchange. I will say this however-you'll be laughing out the other side of your face when I come back from Paris having conquered the City of Lights in the most unbelievable way.
  3. Hi Kyle- Not only do I love both posters, but Mr. Hulot's Holiday (which I first saw in my high school French class) is particularly enjoyable as I have just booked my flight to Paris! $633.00 round trip! Yay! I may cry. And I'm definitely not going to get much done today.
  4. Kyle- Amazing (it's a word I use a lot on your thread, but it fits) posters for the last two days!!
  5. Kyle- Not only did you just make my day (as I suspect you knew you would) you made me forget about being sick, if only for a moment!
  6. *I hope you know I was being tongue-in-cheek too.* Oh, I did. After I finished weeping, I mean.
  7. What? It's Friday the 13th and there's no poster a broken mirror or a black cat or someone walking under a ladder? I'm just joshing-Topper is one of my favorote movies and I love this poster. Be careful out there today-whatever you do, don't go camping.
  8. Kyle- You've just improved my Tuesday immensely!! These are both gorgeous.
  9. I love A Nous La Liberte (and in a related note, it's up 9% in popularity according to the MovieMeter-I have no idea what that is). I see that it's out on Criterion-I shall have to Netflix it.
  10. Kyle- I love both of these! That Sahara one is a knockout, and as for The Sheik, well, that's always a winner with me.
  11. I love the Three Musketeers poster, and The Man In the Iron Mask poster is *amazing*!
  12. I like these! Let the yearly "I Don't Know Why TCM Has To Do 31 Days Of Oscar" arguements commence!!
  13. *Be the the first person on your block to post a correct answer and win absolutely nothing.* That sounds like my type of game-hmmmmm, I will guess $20.
  14. *I was minus something or other... and don't listen to what Frank just said, it's better being a minus than being a zero* I knew you'd have my back.
  15. *I hadn't been born, myself.* Me either. I was minus 1.
  16. Love it, love it, love it. If you want my techinical opinion.
  17. *Maybe I'll cross-post it to that thread. And the Torture Thread too...just for good measure.* I like the way you think.
  18. Hmmm, I love the hearts used in place of the letter O in Gary Cooper's name. Also, it looks like it says Dr. Grimes Hand. Did you pick this on purpose?
  19. *Cabin Fever?* No, just your average, run of the mill stupidity. Well, maybe a little cabin fever. I'm ready for Spring to get here. Actually if we could just get a day over fifty five degrees, I'd probably weep in gratitude. I did see some shoots starting to peek out of the ground, so that's good, but on the other hand, I may have killed my hydrangea. I absolutely love flowers, but I have no talent for keeping them alive. Life really is an ironic river, isn't it? *Did you know TCM is showing April In Paris in April? Guess TCM is giving you a sendoff! And I am planning to give you one
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