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  1. *Just to set the SAG thing straight, TCM salutes James Earl Jones tonight. The SAG Award Ceremony /TV Show is Sunday on TBS and TNT.* Oh you sly thing!!!! I remember hearing Sunday, but once I misunderstood what you meant, my brain apparently decided to mess up completely and go with Saturday instead. My brain is a constant menace to me.
  2. I'm glad you posted that Kyle-I thought that the Sag Awards were on tomorrow and I would have missed it.
  3. Kyle- Not only an excellent entry in the New York v LA, but really great posters on their own. I really love the 42nd street one!
  4. Kyle- I LOVE this poster, and now I have to track down the film. James Earl Jones is the perfect badass to help commemorate the day (well, let's hope everyone is a good deal more welcoming than everyone on this poster ). It's a beautiful day.
  5. Bon Soir, Monsieur! *I don't know the answer with any certainty BUT...* *Both All About Eve and No Way Out were directed by Joseph Mankiewicz and both are from Fox Studios. Seems logical that the two posters were the product of the same person given their visual similarities.* I think you've come up with a very logical answer. I'm going with it. Our first official day is April 26th, so I think we'll probably think about leaving Seattle on the 24th just to allow plenty of time. I figure that worst case scenario is that we spend an extra day in the city-oh, the horror!! Right
  6. It reminds me of the poster for All About Eve. Is it the same artist?
  7. What cracks me up is that Frank Sinatra and Peter Lawford are painted with manly, solemnly contemplative looks on their faces. Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. both kind of look like "Uhhh, what did I just get myself into?"
  8. Kyle- I'm sure that it will come as no surprise that I love both of these posters. The Killer's Kiss one in particular! The New York vs. LA sets have been some of your best work and that is impressive considering how great this thread always is.
  9. *Oh, when?...Feb 4, 2009 (after which the longest seven months in the history of calendar takes place, i.e., the end of one football season and the beginning of another).* This cracked me up (actually, so did your crying emoticon and the nyaahing gecko ) because for my Dad, the longest number of months is from when baseball season ends to when Spring training starts. He really starts to look a little tense right before and then suddenly he regains a sense of calm.
  10. *And here I thought you were strictly a "Pirate" gal. I didn't know you went for the sailors in their dress whites too!* Ohhhh, pirates always get my top vote, but I wouldn't want to limit myself. Plus, I admit that I'm a sucker for the singing and the dancing.
  11. Kyle, This is what's commonly known as a win-win situation. For me, anyway.
  12. This is such a cool idea. I love the pin up girl look. There was a group of women locally who were breast cancer survivors who decided to do their own pin up girl calendar with the proceeds going to research and I thought that was about one of the coolest things ever.
  13. *As you can see, I didn't get many replies.* I just replied to it. Who says it can't be revived?
  14. *Um..Now let me get this straight (ooops)* *wasn't PICK UP ON QUEER STREET on the same bill with* *THE BEST QUEERS OF OUR LIVES.....?* I swear...tears of laughter running down my face!!! These two classics are sometimes shown with a documentary called The Gaiety of the Gays in Gayville. It's an insightful look at someone who is not the only Gay in the village (for anyone who is a Little Britain fan).
  15. *Oh yes. They were singing "Deck the halls," but couldn't quite make it through the third stanza with straight faces.* Straight faces? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!
  16. *Looney Tunes Marathon? Well, I guess that's as good a choice as the Rose Parade.* I love Looney Tunes, plus I've been to the Rose Parade three times and it's never as good on TV as it is in person. Thanks for the link to the March schedule! I'm quite excited about that-some classic stuff. The Phantom Tollbooth was one of my favorite books as a kid, but I've never seen the movie. Oh, and today's poster? Only super fabulous!
  17. *And don't forget to catch (or record) the Pirate film Sunday Morning. TCM has even added a Pirate short!* I saw that! Luckily I still have space on my DVR after recording the Looney Tunes marathon Cartoon Network showed on New Year's day. I watched some of it this morning whilst I ate breakfast. It was like being a kid again (not that I ever stopped watching it). The only thing that was missing was the Bay City Rollers PJs.
  18. I loved the New York vs LA set! Randolph Scott looks a little too "OMG, it's totally a hanging!!" in his poster. I can't imagine what the artist was thinking. And as for Chaplin-I've never seen him look so macho!
  19. *The only thing greater than their passion for America was their passion for each other.* Sheesh. No wonder this movie bombed.
  20. *I root for the Lions of baseball, so I know that feeling.* Just don't take any of Burn's Brain and Nerve Tonic to fix it. You'll start out feeling like there's a party in your mouth and everyone's invited, but we both know what the end result is.
  21. *How was your Christmas? You didn't spend it on the phone, did you? Did you bake your cookies?* A. As good as it could be since I was sick. B. No, but I only got to hang with my Pops for a few hours because of said sickness C. No, and I feel a little empty inside. Maybe I'll make them New Year's cookies instead. Getting hit with a cold on Christmas Eve was a big bummer. Christmas Day I was tired and achy (and it was still snowing) and on the 26th it was totally obnoxious. Saturday I slept 20 out of 24 hours thanks in part to the aforementioned NyQuil gelcaps. I needed the rest and it
  22. Grimey, I'm concerned that you're so down. Is it the winter blahs? Do you want me to post the picture of the inside of my brain? It would be good for a chuckle or two, I'm sure. Is it evil spirits? Ummm, is it a shortage of Nick Cave music? Actually nix that-listening to him in your current frame of mind will probably only send you on a shooting rampage. Did someone do you wrong? Was there not enough milk for your Cap'n Crunch? I always hate that. Let's get to the bottom of this.
  23. [] This is what the inside of my head usually looks like. *And I didn't? Thanks a bunch, Rio. Now give me back my sleep!* You really want me to be sick that badly? *I wish mine was.* Just do I what I did. Throw back a couple of Nyquil gelcaps with some water. It will knock you right out. I don't normally recommend self medication (I don't like having that stuff in my body, but I hate being sick even more), but you sound very ummmm, sensitive right now.
  24. *So that's where all my sleep went. Give it back!* But I NEEDED it, Grimey! Seriously, yesterday is a total blur.
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