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  1. To me, it looks liked two different people. The one from a few months ago and the one from the past week or so. They look like two different people. If they're the same person all I have to say is, "what a makeover". They do sound the same though. I think one had red hair and the other was a brunette. If they're the same, I'd like to see Ben M do a makeover like that to the point he looks like a totally different person.
  2. I'm talking about the one with the Australian accent. I know they previously had a female host with an Australian accent, but who is the new host? I've just noticed her lately. And what happened to the other one?
  3. What's happened to all the Golden age classics from the late 30s, 40s, and early 50s that TCM used to show? They were what TCM was known for. They've always shown more modern movies, but they were the exception and not the rule. Now they're the rule not the exception. Get it together, programmers. Your current schedules suck. Let's get back to what made TCM the great channel it used to be.
  4. Jean Arthur looked pretty hot in "The More the Merrier". Hot bod! And she was 43 at the time.
  5. Portrait of Jennie, Johnny O'Clock, The Big Sleep, Casablanca, The Enchanted Cottage, None But the Lonely Heart, Best Years of Our Lives, Rebecca, Out of the Past, How Green Was My Valley, Random Harvest.
  6. Here's the Michele Legrand theme from the 1970 version of "Wuthering Heights". Theme music starts at about 2:15.
  7. I really like his film score of the 1970 version of "Wuthering Heights" with Timothy Dalton. Also, the film scores of Max Steiner are outstanding.
  8. I was wondering why they didn't have more of the Private Screenings this past weekend instead of repeating the same 5 or so all weekend. There must have been a reason.
  9. I'm really loving the Private Screenings with Ernie Borgnine. I think I saw it when it was on a few years back, but Ernie is a great interview. What a character. And Ernie was 92 when he did this interview in 2009. Still sharp as a tack and full of energy. He died 3 years later at age 95.
  10. I was just listening to an interview with Robert and I knew he used to go to Atlanta for a week every month to shoot his spots. He said they would shoot 150 intros and exits during that time. That's a lot. But then he had the other 3 weeks to do his own thing. You could tell he loved his job.
  11. And I'm sure his old friend Olivia de Havilland is feeling very sad today.
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