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  1. I really wish TCM would not show films from any decade later than the 1960s. No where on television can you see movies from the 1930s to the 1950s on a regular basis. Why can't they keep that focus? Modern films have quite a few other networks. Can't they leave TCM alone? I hope TCM isn't slowly going the way of AMC. I remember the days of Bob Dorian and old movies. I hate the modern focus on modern films and modern directors.
  2. "I'm OK with Bill Maher as a guest host, although I didn't see him. I would object, however, to conservatives like Sean Hannity or Cal Thomas. They undoubtedly would make bland selections or demand censorship. Screw 'em. Yes, I'm partisan. So what? Conservatives have no place in the world of art and cinema is art. They can watch NASCAR or Trinity Broadcasting or Fox News. Stay away from TCM." I had to pop out of lurker mode for this one. I have a university degree in history and participated in oral history projects involving individuals who would have been adults in the 1920s to the 1940s
  3. Norma Shearer-Almost no one I know know who she is, but they can identify quite a few other stars from her era. Message was edited by: traditionalgal1
  4. Is there a film that you have been dying to see that you haven't seen in a while or have never seen? Here are mine- "The Trial of Mary Dugan" with Norma Shearer "Jenny Gerhart" with Sylvia Sydney and Edward Arnold "So Red the Rose" with Margaret Sullivan "Middle of the Night" with Fredric March and Kim Novak "Virginia" with Madeleine Carroll and Fred MacMurray
  5. I'm not crazy about her as a choice. Why not choose average Joe or Jane from average America? That would be interesting.
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