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  1. Has anyone ever seen this film on TCM? I request it sometimes and it never seems to play. I saw it once a few years ago and have never caught it again.
  2. Being a Norma Shearer fan, you may want to know that there are two very active message board/email groups on her at www.yahoogroups.com One is A Free Soul and the other is The Shearer Profile. Lots of classic Hollywood talk there. Some are even writers.
  3. This is a Norma Shearer film. Her first feature length talkie. Why won't they show it?????
  4. I have heard that THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD with Errol Flynn and Olivia DeHavilland will be released on DVD with special features and a restored print. Has anyone heard anything about this?
  5. One of the films shown on TCM was BOMBAY and the lead actor was Arvind Swamy. I recently saw him in another film called ROJA. It was very good! Great love story! If anyone is interested, Bollywood or films in Hindi with subtitles can be purchased in DVD form at www.ebay.com and you often get three movies on a DVD. They are cheap and a good way to view Bollywood!
  6. you may want to see a film that really represents the quality of many of these films. Go to your local Blockbuster or other major rental chain and rent LAGAAN. It is absolutely wonderful. Why this was not chosen for the line-up....I don't know. I am a huge Bollywood fan or fan of films with an Indian theme. If you want to watch a cute film that is completely in English and..I think...released by a North American company.....watch BOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD. It is of the quality of LAGAAN and not a complete Bollywood film, but it is cute and does not require reading subtitles.
  7. How do you get DISH NETWORK? Is it a cable company or some provider you can get amywhere? What kind of things can you see on the Indian channels?
  8. Slappey...sounds neat about your George Bailey! I think the 1950s remake of THE WOMEN was THE OPPOSITE SEX. It was no where near the quality of the THE WOMEN in my opinion.
  9. Merle Oberon is the one in the death scene at the end of WUTHERING HEIGHTS. By the way, a biography was done on her called PRINCESS MERLE. It briefly touched on her Indian heritage from what I remeber reading about the book. I have also heard that Michael Korda also discussed it in a book he did on the Korda family. (Not the fictional account that was loosely based on her called QUEENIE.) A friend of mine who is familiar with the books stated that she often claimed Tasmania as her birthplace and that one time she was invited to some celebration there and was terrified that her true heritage from India would be discovered. She was supposedly really born in Bombay. My friend also told me that her daughter was not even aware of her mother's heritage for a long time. So, it seems that Merle Oberon was deathly terrified of being discovered. I suppose because her secret would have been career death for her during thst time of history. If anyone sees her in color films, her tan skin tone shows, but did not show up in black and white. I find Merle Oberon's history and struggles to be very fascinating. It is sad that she had to hide her wonderful heritage and be ashamed of her culture during a time when to be honest would have have destroyed her career and kept her from what she attained.
  10. It would be great if we had some sort of a foreign film network that spotlighted Indian cinema. I have heard that there is at least one Indian network available. I wonder if such a thing exists on satellite TV or some cable privider?
  11. You may want to check www.imdb.com They have information on him there. I really liked him in ANGEL ON MY SHOULDER.
  12. Did anyone know that Merle Oberon was of English-Indian heritage? She was even born in India. During her life, she did all she could to hide this from the public. Her own mother supposedly posed as her maid. The 1980s miniseries, Queenie, was loosely based on her life. The miniseries was based on the novel of the same name by Michael Korda. Michael Korda was the nephew of Merle Oberon's husband, Sir Alexander Korda. I have talked to some Indians about Merle Oberon and many are not even aware of her. I thought this was interesting to mention since Bollywood is being spotlighted this month. With such a big film industry in India, it is sad that they are not aware that one of the country's daughters was a huge Hollywood star during its golden age.
  13. Anyone here a Norma Shearer fan? I absolutely love her films! My favorites are THE DIVORCEE, MARIE ANTOINETTE, and THE WOMEN.
  14. I am also glad that Bollywood is being spotlighted. There are some great Indian films out there and I am thrilled they are getting some recognition on a great network such as TCM. I also wish that a wider variety of films had been spotlighted. I have not had the opportunity to see many Bollywood films, but there are some that I wish they had set up to show. One is LAGAAN. Another (which I am not sure is Bollywood or a non Bollywood film made about Indian characters) is BOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD. I also wish that an OLDER (really OLDER) classic had been shown called PUKAR. I have always wanted to see that one.
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