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  1. Getting back to that movie maybe not all 3 of the soldiers were married. There could have been one or two soldiers that weren't married.
  2. No, they were 2 distinctly different movies both made around 1946, very similar but not quite the same. I saw the Best Years of Our Lives about a month ago the other about 35 years ago and I remember the differences.
  3. I checked the synopsis of Till the End of Time and unfortunately it is not the same. Here is the synopsis of the movie I saw - There were 3 guys coming home from the war and they were in a cab together talking about their reservations of meeting their wives. The one guy was confident about his wonderful wife. The other 2 had a beautiful reunion but ironically the confident one came home to an empty place only to find that his wife had a demanding job and was never home. In his loneliness he meets and falls for a lady I think works where he gets a job. She realizing he is married distances herself for a while but I think eventually they do get together.
  4. There is another film like the above which I saw years ago with the same plot except it was done by different actors (no clue who) in an earlier year before 1946. Does anyone know what the name of this movie was and who the actors were. This has baffled me for years trying to find it.
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