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    I'm New!

    Thanks again, for the welcome all. Based on the strong consensus, i guess i will be buying A Letter to Three Wives lol. How Green was my Valley was one i had looked at in the past as well. Thanks for all the other suggestions as well. The only problem i face is finding time to watch all the movies i buy lol. One more thing, have any of you seen Adam's Rib? It looks pretty funny, but i have not yet seen it. Is it worth buying? Message was edited by: AnnaV
  2. AnnaV

    I'm New!

    Gregory, I actually ordered a few Claudette Colbert movies today at Barnes and Noble! Since you Went Away, So Proudly we hail, and Without Reservation. I saw Since you went Away on TCM awhile back and LOVED it. And I had to get Without Reservation because i can't even imagine was she and John Wayne are like together! There is a Jeanne Crain movie that i have been thinking about getting, but i haven't talked to anyone to see if it's good or not, A Letter to Three Wives, i think it was called. Have you seen it?
  3. AnnaV

    I'm New!

    Sandy, when I was younger my parents actually read Cheaper by the Dozen to me and some of my siblings! I have thought about reading it again, for myself, to see how accurate the movie is. I find it funny how in the first movie, the youngest is a boy, and in the second, the youngest is a girl. And in one of them the hired hand is Tom, and the other Jim (if I'm not mistaken). I know that Cheaper by the Dozen was written by some of the kids in the family, so it's a true story, but is The Egg and I a true story? I'll definitely have to get that book if i see it.
  4. Hi all, My name is Anna and i just joined this message board! I am 17 years old, and I LOVE old movies! Most people my own age think i'm crazy, but i don't even see a point in watching all the new movies until i've seen the old ones . I've always liked old movies, but just in the past few months i've REALLY been getting into them. My favorite actors/actresses are Myrna loy, Jean Arthur, Doris Day, Cary Grant, James Stewart, Gary Cooper, Fred Macmurry, Claudette Colbert, and more that i'm forgetting. Some of my favorite movies are Cheaper by the dozen, Belle's on their toes, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, meet John Doe, The Egg and I, The Story of Dr. Wassel, Sergeant York, Pride of the Yankees, Since you went away, Never a Dull Moment, Mr. Blanding's builds his dream house, and a ton more. I hope i learn a lot more about these actors, and i learn to like other ones that i haven't seen yet. Because i know there are tons and tons of great actors out there, and i've only scratched the surface. One other thing, I LOVE Reba McEntire (she's a country singer). I hope she does some more acting in movies some day! Anna
  5. Were all three men married?
  6. Best: The Man Who Knew Too Much Worst: Mr. Deeds The funny things is, i haven't seen the first TMWKTM, nor the new Mr. Deeds. But i don't see how either could be better than the ones i've seen! I've also heard the new Christmas in CT is terrible. I didn't know that The Bishop's Wife was redone. The original for that is really good!
  7. My sister bought that movie a few weeks ago, but we haven't watched it yet. i'm glad to hear you all like it, i'll have to watch it as soon as i get the chance!
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