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  1. just would like to thank you for the name correction.
  2. i just remembered Ma & Pa Kettle (and family of 9 i think) were in a movie with Fred McMurry and i think June Alyson. fred bought a farm and was raising chickens for thier eggs. i can't remember the name of the movie or even the approx. date of it. i do think it was before they had thier own series. i could be wrong. i hope i'm not.
  3. as I was growing up i use to watch the Ma & Pa Kettle sreies of movies. I sure would like to see them again. TCM did show one a while back but of course i had to work that day. I was the one complaining about showing the saame movies over and over again. guess I shouldn't have said anything, lol. it would be nice to have a Ma & Pa Kettle weekend or like they did with Bomba. we shall wait and see if I can get lucky and they will show them.If they can!!! I do see they have them for sale, wish I could afford them.
  4. while watching this movie i noticed that when Cotten went to the doorman at the mickey mouse movie, something was falling it was the doorman's mustache. it was half off, then on then half off again. in case you want to see it it is the left side.
  5. i can see once in a while. but i have seen "george wash slept here" just last week i think it was. some movies i do agree i can watch over and over. i know which ones should they pick? i also know they prob only have so many they can show. i also agree with another post on here about showing good movies in the early AM. i guess i just needed something to b ____ about, lol
  6. how about E.T.? just kidding i don't think i could putr a finger on just 1. i mean there has been so many at different stages of direction. i don't think 1 was better than the other just the writers did good jobs writing for a good actor.
  7. i don't remember if he was ever in a movie if he was you can bet it was a comedy my vote is Foster Brooks (i believe his name is). rumor has it that he never in his life ever had a drink.
  8. i have noticed that the same movie is shown like within a week of seeing it. or maybe as soon as twice in the same month might be a better way of saying it. with all the movies made in the 30s, 40s & 50s will TCM be getting any new movies in that date range?? i am still watching all the old ones but a change would be nice. i would hate to start watching newer by date movies. they are not the same to me.
  9. i was wondering will there be a time when the tcm film festival will go on the road to the other side of the country???? i just can't make it to the west coast to watch movies and talk to others interested in movies.
  10. In about 6 or 7 movies Mr Barrymore was in a wheelchair or on crushes. was he in need for these things in real life or was it just a coincidence that it was in the script and they picked him to play these parts???? His hands look like he had arthitis in a bad way. my grandmothers hands were the same way and she had it bad. thank you for any reply on this message
  11. i was just wondering, what kind of money did gobbons and shearer make doing thier jobs in the 30s - 50s. before getting awards and after does anyone have any idea????? is there any way to find out? if anyone can help i would be very thankful
  12. sorry i just don't think she is an actress. i had her confussed with some one else but still think she can't act was her mother debbie reynolds???? Message was edited by: mikegee Message was edited by: mikegee
  13. Even though a match company may have started the phrase "three on a match is bad luck". when i was in basic training for the army we were told never to light three cigs with one match. because the enemy spots you on the first cig, aims in your area on the second and fires on the third. while i was in the army i never lite 3 on one match. most of the time i use a lighter. even til this day i don't do it.
  14. Mar 3 rd "08' PM line up with the pre-code period was very enjoyable. if it weren't fpr B&W film you could kind of picture the movie being made today. "Night Nurse" ( and others) was very good and hit topics that were never talked about in the "30s". i wish they could find the cut out film to other movies of the day. thank you tcm
  15. well to me these people are not super stars but i did meet jerry lewis and larry holmes on 2 different times. i worked for a custom car place and delivered a car to each . lewis was really rude and holmes just the oppisite he gave me $100 tip. my ex-mother in law also met lewis, he stoped by where she worked to pick up a check for the MD telethon. she said he wouldn't even take a minute to say hello to the people that donated thier money. she also said he was rude. to me they are just the same as you or me. except the rude part
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