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  1. I love this movie as well. And being a Robin Hood fan, It was a interesting way of thinking of Richard and John before Robin Hood. And I am also a big Timothy Dalton fan and love seeing him in this movie.
  2. I love Harold Lloyd movies. Silent and talking he was so funny and athletic. Just pure entertaining. I actually have a very strange connection to him as I was married on the site that his studio had been on. The LDS church bought the land and the temple was built there. Of course I only found this out in the past year.
  3. As you can tell by my name, my answer is Errol Flynn. But I also love the Three Muskateer movie with Michael York and Richard Chamberlain. I saw it in the theatre 13 times. I have never seen the long version again which is a shame as there was so much comedy with Chamberlain. Also Timothy Dalton has done quite a few movies in England with a sword in his hand and one my favorites is called The Kings ****. Although he's not really a swashbuckler in it.
  4. I think they considered him because he had been in Midsummer Night's Dream a couple of years before. Olivia was in that movie too. Cagney played the actor that turned into a donkey. Mickey Rooney played Puck at the ripe old age of 15. He was amazing. And yes I believe he was in tights.
  5. I would also like to be in the theatre when Kiss Me Kate is on to watch Howard Keel sing that great song about all the women he's known. And to watch Bob Fosse dancing with Ann Miller. And Kathryn Grayson has slways been a favorite. Did you guys know she's still alive. I heard she's in Arizona.
  6. Margeret O'Brien, and Dean Stockwell and the other boy in Secret Garden Roddy McDowell in How Green was my Valley Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet Mickey Rooney in anything but especially as Puck Freddy Bartholomew in anything
  7. I would say any Errol Flynn Movie but there's always so much action and killing that I'd probably be one of the charactors that gets killed right away. Maybe Footsteps in the Dark. Or maybe the Adventures of Don Juan. Just to watch his beautiful face close up. The others would be the musicals like any Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly. And anything with Omar Shariff.
  8. I never paid that much attention to him until my daughter became obsessed. Which is unusal for her. So I started watching some of his movies paying closer attention and he is good. I like Benny and Joon and Cry Baby besides the ones mentioned. He really studied all the little details to the dancing shoes Chaplin routine. And the Buster Keaton that he also did in Benny and Joon. I like that he makes the movies his own and does it his way. Also I read this little mention of up coming movies from years ago about Pirates and it said basiclly, " a Disney ride and Johnny Depp, this is a movie to miss. " Of course that was while they were making it.
  9. I am always doing something besides watching. I make alot of things for charity. So I'm sitting in bed watching from the DVR list of movies and sewing on snaps, making pillows or making jewelry. Or when I'm in real pain, lying down flat. But the nice thing is if I get lost from the movie of miss something I can go back and watch it again. Sometimes I'll pause the movie to draw a dress that I see to make for a Barbie doll. And then also when I'm watching Errol Flynn I have my hand on the pause button. He is so beautiful.
  10. Since I discovered TCM last April I've wached at least 8 - 10 a week. I need to catch up on all these amazing movies I either saw long ago with my mother or just heard about. I also watch at least part of an Errol Flynn movie every day.
  11. I was watching PBS the other night. And there was a special about Mae West done a few years ago. I was busy doing something when I heard this familiar voice. I looked up and saw this handsome young man talking about Mae. Turns out it was Robert Osbourne. As always he had so much knowledge of the star. But it got me thinking that as long as I've watched TCM I haven't seen a picture with her. And I was wondering if you people who have lots of pictures have any pictures of her.
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