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  1. This movie is maybe within the last 8 years or so. I don't know any of the actors names. It's about a guy who gets into trouble with the law and then has to do community service by caring for an invalid girl. She is totally wheelchair bound and cannot speak except with the help of an electronic voice computer. They become friends and the story goes from there. I hope someone can help me! Thanks!
  2. Hello, Hope you can help me.... I'm looking for the titles to 3 movies: 1. Silent-WWI? Two buddies enlist in the war as pilots. One loves the girl back home and the other one is actually dating her but the other friend doesn't know. Long story short at the end he mistakenly kills his friend because the friend is flying a German plane to get back to his base after being shot down, he commandeers the plane knowing it is risky and he does get killed. 2. Silent. A married man wants to have an affair with a city woman who came to his village and she talks him into killing his wife. He takes his wife on their little boat on a rouse to go to the city and he's going to drown her on the way. He tries to and can't go through with it. They get to the city, end up having a great time and come home only to get caught in a bad storm on the water. She is washed overboard and thought dead and he is devastated. 3. Talkie. About a WWI French soldier after the war who cannot live with himself after watching a German soldier same age as he, dying, whom he killed. He finds out though personal effects that he had the same interests in music as he did and it is eating him alive especially that he helped him sign his name to his last letter to his father back home before he died. He decides to go to Germany to find the family and visit them and confess he is the "killer" of their son. He ends up not telling them right away, he pretends he knew their son and was friends with him. They take him into their lives and love him as their own while privately he suffers the remorse and horrors of the war and what happened. The dead man's fiance' finds out the truth from the French man and tells him that he can never tell the family who he really is as this will totally devastate them. He does not tell them and the movie leads you to believe he stays with the family and suffers his own personal fate. FANTASTIC MOVIE! I hope this is enough information to help you help me find the names of these movies. Thank you! Nancy
  3. Hello! I am looking for the movie Moby Dick made in 1930 with Joan Bennett I haven't been able to find it anywhere on the web. Can anyone help me? Thank you! Nancy
  4. Thank you coffeedan, that is what I remember. I'll try to find 5 Star Final on VHS, my Dad likes that format anyway Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving! Nancy
  5. Hi, I'm having problems remembering the title to a movie with H.B. He's an editor of a newspaper that is turning into a 'rag' magazine. They want to revisit a story about a woman who killed her husband 20 yrs before and dig up current information on them which leads to the suicide of that woman and her current husband the day of her daughter's wedding. I used to know the name of the movie and just can't remember, nor when I did remember could I find that film anywhere! It's not for sale at all. Can anyone help with that? It's a great movie and I'd like to get it for my Dad for Christmas. Thank you for any help! Nancy
  6. He was in a movie, B&W, a newspaper editor that had to oversee a story about a woman who killed her husband 20 yrs earlier who now has a grown daughter about to get married. It's about the moral issue of digging up dirt and how he battled with his feelings about it. What the name of that movie??? Thank you!
  7. Hello, hope you can help. Humphrey Bogart played a newspaper man that was having a conscience issue with a 'where is she now' story. A woman who murdered her husband 20 yrs before and had a grown child 20 yrs later who did not know her mothers past. HELP! It was such a great movie! Thank you, Nancy
  8. THANK YOU FOR THE LEAD! I will check it out! Sincerly, Nancy
  9. Hi, I hope someone can help me. I've been given this idea to write to TCM's bulletin board in the hopes of finding a name to this movie. Old b/w movie. I don't have any actors names. Premice of movie: Wealthy man, wealthy family. He gets into a car accident and develops amnesia. Starts a new life, meets woman, falls in love, gets married has a baby. They reside in a little cottage house with a white picket fence. Baby gets sick, he has to go out in foul weather to get medication has another car accident regains previous memory forgets wife and child. Wife needs a job, goes back to work only to work as a secretary for her 'husband' but she realizes that he doesn't recognize her. I'm not sure of the ending from there, it's been a number of years since I saw it. PLEASE HELP ME! Nancy nancym3659@aol.com
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