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  1. Back in the eighties when I first got my introduction to classic film, I wrote Bette Davis and Katherine Hepburn and Gene Tierney and surprisingly got a response from all three. I framed their handwritten letters along with the autographed picture they each sent.
  2. The film score from the wonderful Alfred Newman in "The Song Of Bernadette".
  3. Great line up Geoff. Upon every Christmas Eve I pop in the 1896 TV film starring Loretta Young called "Christmas Eve". Of course we all have to include the 1938 and 1951 versions of "A Christmas Carol" as well.
  4. Great list classicCoCoNUT... I rarely see mentioned in these boards a wonderful Christmas film from 1986 called "Christmas Eve" starring Loretta Young. Has anyone in here seen it or have any thoughts on it? I pop it in every holiday season and though I've seen it numerous times it still affects me upon each viewing. There is just something about this film that sums up the holiday spirit. Ok, the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol seems to be the most mentioned and rightly so but Loretta Young's performance in Christmas Eve will get you every time. Any one else agree?
  5. Whew! after reading all the replies I was redeemed somewhat at only one mention of "Casablanca". Some other faves are: Pinocchio Spartacus Frankenstein
  6. cubswin1984...I also live in Columbus and attempted the exact same thing you did concerning "North By Northwest" and came up empty handed as well. Living in the Polaris area I thought for sure I'd grab my copy with no problems but as your post stated, neither Target, Best Buy nor Barnes And Noble had copies. I was told to go online and order from their websites! grr Surely it would'nt hurt to have a few copies for walk-in customers huh? nope.
  7. You mentioned he was in only two or three films. I recall another very famous person dying too young named James Dean who also made only two or three films as well and his name pops up in here regularly.
  8. I dunno but she sure is smokin' hot hot in that photo!! wow I find it interesting in reading exerpts from different biographies mentioning Miss Tierney that thought she was quite beautiful that in person she was much more beautiful. I'm not sure that is possible. She is simply a gorgeous and stunning beauty.
  9. Yes, that was a nice collaboration but I'd like to add the pairing of Bette Davis with the inimitable William Wyler. He had a certain knack for bringing out the best subdued Davis and therefore giving A+ performances.
  10. I completely agree with you. Monty Clift. Runner's up-- Errol Flynn and Tyrone Power
  11. Mine would be the moment Dana Andrews awakes from his nap and gazes upon the real "Laura". What a sight it must have been and of course Gene Tierney is simply the most beautiful woman ever.
  12. Crystal!! clear that is. thank you for the insight.
  13. Hello I was wondering and forgive me if the answer is quite simple. How are the TCM films sent to the cable companies? are they digitalized, sent to a satellite and then the cable company relays it to it's customers? Just how does this work? For example... This moring I caught "Friends And Lovers" with Olivier and being from 1931 I got to thinking "is this digital"? is it stored digitally in the archives for transmission? I'm so perplexed and any info would be nice.
  14. Stockard Channing Broom Ad Recall hint--made many wonderful comedic films and definitely one-of-a-kind actress from the hollywood golden era.
  15. The Maid Cant Lie= Hattie Mcdaniel I answered my own trivia question and I assume noone bothered or it was sort of difficult. Either way, there it is.
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