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  1. Joan Fontaine could have been phenomenal as Eve Harrington. After I've watched her in ''Born to Be Bad'' I have no doubt. Arturo, Linda was too conspicuously beautiful for the Eve role. Eve was supposed to have nothing going on for her, but her hidden clutches and the hellhole from under she crawled out. And she couldn't harm a fly. And we were supposed to live with that illusion. CineMaven, you're 100% right. There's only ONE Margot. And that's Bette Davis.
  2. Bronxgirl48 , I would offer myself hostage any time. J.J made such a handsome devil and Burt sure was one beefcake. 'From Here to Eternity'' is one of my favs too.
  3. Ingrid was sublime. And if you had the chance to watch her in ''The Visit'' she would certainly put royal blood to shame. She was totally breathtaking flashing Nina Ricci gowns and Bulgari jewels. IMHO, few men could have held a candle to her in that movie. Anthony Quinn is good at playing her rough at the edges old flame, but the second Ingrid stepped off that Express he only became an accesory to crime, so to speak. She could put that Express to a halt, she could turn back time and of course she could get away with murder. Especially when she came back as the scorned woman with an old score
  4. ''Now to talk about some bad boyzzzz....'' -that's the way to talk, Cinemaven. I don't care going down with a dark, brooding bad boy. Give me a good dosis of Boogie in ''A Lonely Place'' and I'm ready to fall.Bitter and at the end of his rope. Impossible to be saved. The hand you need to push you over the edge. If I can be choosy I will settle for the snake J.J Hunsecker. Wholly loathsome and hopelessly vicious. The poisonous razor of his tongue that never missed its target. ''I remember reading Rita Hayworth saying men wanted to go to bed with Gilda, and then were disappointed when
  5. Welcome, zentropa. The movie is a fine adaptation of Edward Albee's play. And a very chilling glimpse into the ''jollies'' of marriage. I don't know if I would call love what Martha and George felt about each other. It could work as a half-truth. In fact all their married life was made up of lies, half-truths and double talk. They made their bed and they had to lie in it. Thier own private hell and time came when they didn't know better than that. It slowly ripps off any illusion of redemption until the two characters dare throw all the cards on the table and let bygones be bygones. And le
  6. We might as well go to hell in tow. I don't mind. Ingrid had an etheral kind of beauty that makes us feel close to heaven anyway. Jennifer and Gregory left their mark on ''Duel in the Sun''. I fail to imagine what the movie would have been without them. Their touching chemistry also ignited in ''The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit''. But I won't leave Joe Cotton out in the cold. He was a darling too.
  7. So true, randyshere. Jennifer gets under our skin with her innocent looks and honey voice. Who else could have made a more heart-wrenching Emma Bovary? Long live this wonderful lady.
  8. Arturo, maybe Gene would have fitted the part better with her royal looks and the cold sting of her voice could have had Rex's charcater raking over the coals. But Linda was ravishing all the same. She proved her wide range with all those personality slips that she mastered to a T. I liked the movie so much because it was a game of the mind and how it can conspire to set you up for a fall. It makes me so sad to learn about the tragedy that struck Rex's private life. So much for him being a ladykiller. Don't get me started on the glorious Gloria Grahame. She had an icy incandescence tha
  9. Thanks, Frank for cluing me in. I had no idea that Rex made those comments about Linda's acting talent. While it's true that the movie's weight lay on his shoulders, Linda is just the missing ingredient. Without her the film wouldn't have been half as delightful. I simply love Rex' impetuous, over the top performance. ''Damn. I was going to say she was gorgeous in the film. Actually, what I really like about Linda's performance is that it proved to me she could play a sweet, lovable girl, which is the exact opposite of the two other performances that I love of hers: A Letter to Three Wive
  10. Since I?m so besotted with ??The Ghost and Mrs. Muir?? it was impossible to forget Rex Harrison in ??Unfaithfully Yours??. I must confess I had a hard time keeping up with Sir Rex. His voice alone could match the Niagara Falls. No wonder Frank said it must be a tall order to give the man a run for his money. I couldn?t help feeling that Linda was a bit in over her head next to Harrison?s roaring performance. I swear he never jumps off the merry-go-round and there?s a scene in which he verbally tears his brother-in-law to pieces. Preston Sturges ought to have had a magic wand. You need a stre
  11. Indeed, metsfan, Burt mastered everything from the high-society columnist to the two-bit truckdriver with the same ease. ''Come Back, Little Sheba'' is one of my fav Burt movies. It is so complex on many levels and has an inkling to prove you wrong. You expect Burt to put the moves on his young female tennant but there's more than meets the eye. He actually grows a fatherly affection for her out of his frustration of not having a child of his own. Then, there's his tangled relationship with his mousey and sumbmissive wife. If you wonder why they are stuck with each other if all they do is tear
  12. Howdy, Frank. You make me blush. ''Leave Her to Heaven'' is the flawless showcase for Miss Gene's acting skills. She was born to play the part.It's not Cornel Wilde's fault that he plays second fiddle throughout the movie. Not even a more versatile actor could have held his own against Miss Gene's bewitching portrayl. She does have that effect on people. Not even the sardonic Cliffton Webb stood a chance in ''Laura''. Even if she meant no harm, she couldn't be more dangerous. And who are we to blame them? Everything is fair in love and... Ellen's game. Do we wait for her to get her comeuppanc
  13. Thanks, kimpunkrock for bringing this up. Missy does it so well, doesn't she? She's not the all in your face seductive lush Phyllis Dietrichson for a purpose. Her homely demeanor is no more than a bait to throw you off her trail so that when she strikes it will only hurt deeper. She is so slippery that she makes waves with her husband's life that he can't smell a rat and all in the name of having his best interest at heart. What else can you ask from Barbara? And, man, her showdown with Raymond Burr can leave a weak heart dead in its tracks. Message was edited by: miss_bettyidol
  14. She's an absolute doll in ''Sullivan's Travels'' and ''The Blue Dahlia'' and can pull off that smokey voice of hers anytime. Sweetness was her trademark.
  15. Hello, guys. Frank, no truer words have been spoken. I re-watched ''Leave her to Heaven'' and now I can appreciate the movie for what it's worth. Miss Gene is the embodiment of the very things you love her for. A lovely creature with a witch's brain. So charming in evil that I feel sorry for poor Cornel Wilde for being completely overshadowed. Playing the good mug against Miss Gene's captivating, brazen little wench is a win-win. We can't hold our breath until Helen gets what's coming to her or has her own wicked way. It hardly matters. Scarcely anyone cares that he's the injured party. And I
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