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  1. What are the most defining moments in movie history, in your opinion? I personally think of "defining moments" as those that are culturally significant, hugely influential, those that are bold and daring, or those moments that seem to "break down walls" between people and society. There a million more ways to define "Defining moments in movies", and I would love to hear what some of your favorites are
  2. Schindler's List Titanic The English Patient I cry buckets whenever I see those movies
  3. Some of the best romances: (Warning, some are kind of cheesy!) The way we were wuthering heights when harry met sally titanic love story the princess bride annie hall bridget jones's diary doctor zhivago
  4. There's no debating that Jack Nicholson and Dustin Hoffman are amazing actors. They have so many classic movies and roles under their belts. I know these aren't the performances they are most well known for, but I think they're amazing anyways: I recently saw "Midnight Cowboy". It is on the AFI top 100 list (of which I have 28 movies to go), and I've heard good things about it. Everyone kept saying that it is one Jon Voight's best performances, and I agree- but my god! Dustin Hoffman MADE that movie! He portrayed his character (Ratso Rizzo) so well, and it was so heartbreakingly real
  5. Wow, there are too many good ones to choose! When people tell me they haven't seen one of these movies, I usually reply with a "WHAT? Are you serious? But it's SOOOO good!" These are the movies I am always nagging my friends to see/watch: 1. Casablanca 2. The Graduate 3. Forrest Gump 4. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 5. The Departed 6. Blazing Saddles 7. Star Wars 8. Raiders of the Lost Ark 9. Some Like It Hot 10. Schindler's List And a few others I am known to advocate: The Godfather (I and II) Fargo Amelie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Grand Hotel Singin'
  6. I usually don't watch my movies in chronological order, although I should because that makes the most sense. Instead, I tend to watch a cluster of movies with the same actor or director, and from there I will get interested in another actor or director and move on. Like, right now I'm on a big Jack Nicholson craze, and before that it was the Marx Brothers.
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