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  1. I'm totally willing to give the new host every chance. My problem with AMC wasn't with the hosts age. Movie buffs come of every age. It was with the fact I detected no genuine passion or even viable interest. I think having a younger host is absolutely cool, I'm a young movie buff. I've said all along classic movies appeal to all ages. TCM should reflect that.
  2. I don't think it was so much scandal as the fact Shearer apparently chased after every man she worked with after Thalberg's death. She was notorious in her pursuit of Clark Gable. Complicated Women says one of her costars wanted battle pay because he spent so much time fending off her advancing. The other thing that gets tossed up is the theory Joan Crawford advanced that Shearer only got her parts because of her marriage. It's nonsense but many believed it for years.
  3. Rarely. I really enjoy old Woody Allen flicks but I have found I'm less receptive to his newer films and I do believe that is because of his personal scandals. Generally though I could care less. I don't care what Norma Shearer did, because she's brilliant onscreen. Rock Hudson's personal life never enters my mind when I see his movies. Judy Garland's problems I never think about. I think the problem with Allen and with Joan Crawford is that they both play characters very close to themselves so you are constantly reminded of their personal issues.
  4. My all time favorite wish I could see it is The Silver Cord. I saw this twice back in the 80's on AMC and they haven't aired it since. It's an absolutely classic precode flick and so well done. I wish TCM had the film because it's sad that such an interesting flick sits unaired.
  5. Shearer to me is one of the hidden gems. When I first started discovering classic films in the 80's it was next to impossible to see a Norma Shearer flick. And I always read what a saapy, bad actress she was in film books of the era. The first time I saw The Divorcee I was blown away by how great she was. It wasn't that she was the best actress in the world but that she had such presence and that she picked excellent films. In some ways Shearer was so obviously ahead of her time because her flicks still resonate on topics that are of great interest today. I love A Free Soul, The Divorcee, Alte
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