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  1. Jeryson ty for telling about the "Innocents" Deborah Kerr is in my top ten fave ladies and I have not seen this. I really like Psycho as an "art" film ...there seems to be so many underlying and unspoken themes that are NOT developed, and artfully so. I find the characters in Psycho to be pretty complex, but alot of the complexity is in my own head, and I am sure that is the effect that Hitch was wanting! He is a true master artist. I saw somewhere on these boards that someone thought Janet Leigh was sort of a no-talent (I can't tell you where because I am sure I could never find it again
  2. I kind of like that house they move into when mom strikes it big in that "Imitation of Life" movie...inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright in a very loose fashion...all that 1958 "new" look. The "modern" look of the 50's with all those boomerang and amnoeba shapes. I think "imitation of Life" is a good name for this movie because it is so far-fetched. That maids funeral at the end rivaled JFKs in scope. It's really quite funny. When Sandra Dee says "momma, stop acting!" you really want to say: YES, LANA TURNER, STOP ACTING!!!
  3. That b&w movie "The Haunting" is real neat. Would not be as gothic in feeling with bright color. Geez, Julie Harris is a good actor...it's like she throws every emotional gear into full force for every second of every performance. I bet she's exhausted after every scene. I worry the poor lady is going to make herself sick, she's so intense. Why don't they ever show that movie "The Member of the Wedding" anymore...it's been ages! Years!
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