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  1. Hello TopBilled! Let me express to you my warmest appreciation, gratitude and regards for your many contributions to this community and upon reaching the 10,000 milestone! People may say: "What's in a number?". Well around here such a high number of posts is a sign of someone who has endured long and contributed a lot- that's what! People who have little or nothing to offer don't last that long around here! To last for so many posts, necessarily means that one has had to field their share of critiques, criticism and challenges from other participants! The experience either makes one im
  2. Hi TopBilled, Nielsen uses written questionnaires? For years I heard of their famous "box", which is supposed to electronically track your channel selections. I would think they could also get viewing data from the cable companies, as I'm sure the cable company can track through their boxes what channels every viewer watches as well as how much viewing time was spent on them.
  3. Hi Fred, Real life trial process doesn't usually make for compelling cinema! I do recall a line to that effect. In the real world, judges have to be mindful of appeals with their potential for remands and reversals. Another thing you often see in the movies but almost never in real life, is some witness breaking down under questioning and admitting that they, and not the defendant, killed someone!(*) A trial lawyer would stand a better chance of winning the Powerball than that happening! (*) E.g., *Legally Blond (2001)* with Reese Witherspoon
  4. In *High School Confidential (1958)*, a young woman performs beat poetry in a coffee shop. She does her existential rant/poem about the uselessness of it all, and ends every stanza with: "It's DRAG man! It's a king sized drag!"
  5. In the 1931 Dracula, the crazy Renfield, interred in a santarium, was in the habit of eating flies. The orderly thought to humor him by bringing him one, but Renfield had changed his dietary preferences. Renfield rejects the offered fly, and tells the orderly: "Flies!? Measly things! Who wants flies, when you can have nice juicy spiders!!?" Gotta increase that protein intake man!
  6. In some 1940 movie, the District Attorney brings in some low life for questioning in a murder investigation. The mug tells the DA in a thick Brooklyn accent: "Say! You ain't got nuttin' on me! You gotta make with the corpus delicious!" (He meant to say "corpus delicti"). Lawyers find this quip very funny, but I suspect most of the public today would not, as it would fly over their heads. Makes me wonder how many audience members in 1940 got it. The work of a clever scriptwriter.
  7. Some movie about the post war American occupation of Germany featured de-nazification tribunals, reorientation for Hitler Youth boys etc.The American army administrator told some German mother that her son could use: "... less heel clicking and more baseball!"
  8. Hi Andy, First type your text in the "Plain Text" tab. Then format it in the "Rich Text" tab. That should solve most of your issues, but's still a temperamental system. If you wish to format any text that has been copied and pasted- do your copy and paste within Plain Text only. Text that has been copied and pasted within Rich Text is sometimes very difficult to format!
  9. Hi Andy, Thanks for your feedback! I had two reasons for emphasising the 30's in my post: 1) The title and topic of the thread and 2) 30's films have a hard core following and appeal to many TCM viewers. I think it's partly because the period embodied a high style watermark that became embodied through the "studio system" and in films in general. The fact that film served an escapist purpose for the masses fed into the use of style and presentation. Of course films of any time and decade wonderfully reflect their contemporary era and can be enjoyed for that. (I enjoyed the Mamie Van Do
  10. To me 30's films are historical artifacts- they freeze a distant moment in time. Viewing them is the closest you will ever get to time travel. They are a time machine. Whatever the quality of the script, direction, acting etc., you are getting a glimpse of a bygone era as revealed in: clothes, music, decor, cars, fashion, mores and zeitgeist. These are the elements that can't be duplicated. Of course some modern films can cleverly duplicate the era by trotting out a few old cars, dolling up the women in period clothes etc. but the result is NEVER a 1930's film. It's a modern film creating
  11. Hi Mr. Bogle, I think what helped save *Eisenstein* from the mass arbitrary arrests was his great international fame and reputation. His films got viewing and admiration the world over, therefore a man useful to the regime. Stalin was reluctant to arrest those of his people that had distinguished foreign visitors coming to pay him respects. Ordinary people were not so lucky. Some real life anecdotes I have heard: When people were cheering his name, everyone had to stand up and applaud, until a signal was given to stop it. The police would watch the gathering and arrest those who ceased
  12. Dear finance, There are a lot of technical tricks to that trade. Sometimes the color of makeup had to be different than what the lady would have worn on the street, to adjust for camera filters and film used. Also black and white shooting and lighting had their own requirements, as opposed to early technicolor. Early color film did not produce natural colors, and the make-up people had to adjust for that. Hair color was another issue; sometimes a real life golden blond would look white haired in a black and white film, and so the hair had to be darkened in order for the person to "look
  13. Hi Mr. Bogle, *Eisenstein's* actors' number one concern under *Stalin* was not getting arrested by the "Cheka"!! Now there was a guy out of control; he made *Hitler* seem like a jovial, laid back person. In situations where Hitler would have ordered the arrest of hundreds, Stalin would have required the arrest of tens of thousands; even then he would have suspected his police of slacking and goofing off.
  14. Hi Fred and Dargo, There is a lot of witness to this. Back in the 30's, the writer *W. Somerset Maugham* met *Bette Davis* in person and called her "ugly". The male hearthrobs were less likely to dissapoint in real life, especially if they were tall, possibly because their appearance wasn't so faked up and tricked out like the ladies. Men like *Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, Clark Gable or Tyrone Power* titillated in real life, almost every bit as much as on screen. From the earliest days of filmaking, they found out that the camera helps some, hurts others. Many a producer found out that so
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