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  1. I have a blog! I introduced it a while ago on the boards, and it's really kicked off now Some of you know it (Millie, haha) but it's relatively new. http://cinema-splendor.blogspot.com
  2. Nick Adams is next to Ronnie.
  3. I'm 16, and I know there are posters here like ILoveRayMilland who are 14-15ish.
  4. Funny that you mention Grease. I thought up until 2 years ago that "Hopelessly Devoted to You" was "Hopeless Needy Woodhead" so...how embarrassing for me to get the soundtrack and actually read the lyrics :/ When nobody's home, I like to blast the West Side Story and be Maria. I even act out the dialogue and dance around. I know the Pas de Deux part from the dance at the gym and the moves to I Feel Pretty. OY, only my closest friends know that....eek. Sometimes I do My Fair Lady, or just some weird songs I have on iTunes.
  5. I think you're talking about Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (1964) with Sophia Loren.
  6. I love Billy's films. My favorites are probably Sunset Boulevard, Sabrina, Some Like it Hot and The Apartment. I could seriously watch The Apartment a thousand times and not be sick of it. It is a masterpiece and Jack and Shirley had such great chemistry together that I can't picture any other people playing the parts. I also love Jack's spaghetti straining skills. Sunset Blvd. is also equally masterpiece-ful (is that a word?). I think it was really gutsy to make a movie like that in 1950. Even now, it's still a modern story and whenever I watch it, it doesn't seem dated at all. Gloria Sw
  7. georgiegirl: I guess I sound like her too, because whenever I pick up the phone, some people just start talking like I'm her. I'm just used to it by now! Chip: I think Jen has a beautiful smile, so that is a huge compliment! Cinesage: I can see the Penelope. And my hair is a bit longer now, about to my shoulders. If I curled it, it might have the effect! Thanks everyone
  8. I've been told Rosie O'Donnell, which I don't see at all. Everybody says I look like my mom, though.
  9. > {quote:title=Film_Fatale wrote:}{quote} > However, it might help to have a spell-checker handy. Click on "Conversation with Robert Osborne" and you're told to *"TUNE IN _FEBRAUARY_ 6TH, ONLY AT TCM.COM"* Found this little glitch in the system this morning...
  10. Hi all, So I finally got around to watching Niagara last night, and WOW was it suspenseful! MM was excellent and I loved Jean Peters. Since I live near the area and travel up sometimes, I was thinking of doing a post on my blog as sort of a "then and now" thing. I was wondering, does anybody have the whole movie capped? And if not, may I use the various caps on this thread? Thanks, Sarah
  11. A little delayed since joining, but thanks so much for creating it! I can tell it's going to be fun ;D
  12. I don't know how I missed this thread! I haven't seen enough June as I'd like to, as I've seen only Little Women and You Can't...(I forgot) with Jack Lemmon. Are there any others that you can suggest watching?
  13. Fred: Are you psychic? WNY (Western New York) is a grand town. ILRM: Yay organics! My mom jumped on the organic wagon a few months ago. I love Lesser Evil's black and white popcorn Off topic, but funny; I refer to you guys as my "TCM friends"...I mentioned one thread and my dad asked if we were going to have a Christmas party and "Who's going to put a lampshade on their computer first?"
  14. Thought I'd bring this thread back to life, just 'cause it's so fun : ) Friday: snow day. Saturday: all calm on the homefront. Sunday (today): STORM. Church was canceled, and I don't think my family will be going anywhere today. As ILRM, I'm a bit underage so send the sparkling grape juice
  15. No, but I've seen youtube clips and it looks very good! Van Sant is a great director and I bet Matt's terrific in it.
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