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  1. Jack Benny's alleged age applied to the partial name (and name they were sometimes called) of a juvenile singing group similar to the Jackson 5 = *The 39 Steps* ? A vacation in the Eternal City
  2. *Bess Armstrong* costarred in the television show *My So Called Life* where she played the mother to the main character, Angela Chase, played by *Claire Danes*
  3. To paraphrase Ricky Gervais, you can't go wrong with a movie about the Holocaust.
  4. *John Malkovich* was the subject of his own movie, *Being John Malkovich*, where various characters enter the mind and are able to experience the life of Mr. Malkovich. One of these characters was played by *John Cusack*
  5. *Arthur Penn* made his motion picture directorial debut with *The Left Handed Gun* which starred *Paul Newman*
  6. magnificence in the location of the weed, man = *Splendor In The Grass* The offspring of George's aunt, Mrs. Clooney
  7. *Harry Belafonte* One of his earliest movies was *Carmen Jones* (1954), where he co-starred along with the beautiful but often over-looked *Dorothy Dandridge*
  8. *Natalie Wood* One of Natalie Wood's earliest and most memorable roles was as Susan Walker in *Miracle on 34 Street*, where the role of her mother was played by the lovely *Maureen O'Hara*
  9. *Alan Ladd* was a frequent costar with *Veronica Lake*
  10. *Tom Hanks* before hitting the big screen, starred and made appearance in a few television shows, including a quite dramatic role as an uncle with a drinking problem on the show *Family Ties* which featured *Michael J. Fox*
  11. Watching *The Man Who Knew Too Much* again over the weekend, I was reminded at how much the Royal Albert Hall plays a role in the film and thought of other real-life locations and monuments which were important to certain films. The ones which came immediately to mind were: Empire State Building, *King Kong* (1933) World Trade Center, *King Kong* (1976) Mount Rushmore, *North By Northwest* (1959) What are some others?
  12. *Howard Hughes* has been portrayed in many films, including *Melvin and Howard*, which was directed by *Jonathan Demme*
  13. Female whose situation could be discussed in a law school "Dignitary Torts" course. = *Libeled Lady* ? For "Mandibles and maxillae", I was going for *Jaws* The Philadelphian pugilist terror in a moving film entertainment form
  14. Heroic Water boy = *Gunga Din* Mandibles and maxillae
  15. *David O. Selznick* was married to the very under-rated actress *Jennifer Jones*
  16. Difficult to narrow it down to just four but... Montgomery Clift Gary Cooper Cary Grant Gregory Peck
  17. http://www.nytimes.com/reuters/2009/11/18/arts/entertainment-us-ferrell.html The New York Times November 18, 2009 Will Ferrell Is Hollywood's Most Overpaid Star: Forbes By REUTERS LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Funnyman Will Ferrell and British actor Ewan McGregor on Wednesday headed a Forbes.com list of Hollywood's most overpaid stars when looking at the financial returns of their movies. Billy Bob Thornton, Tom Cruise and Jim Carrey also made the top 10 tally of actors who cost more to hire than they appear to be worth at box offices. Ferrell took first place largely due to th
  18. http://www.guardian.co.uk/tv-and-radio/2009/nov/16/edward-woodward-dies-aged-79 Edward Woodward, star of The Wicker Man and Callan, dies aged 79 Actor had been suffering from pneumonia Mark Tran guardian.co.uk, Monday 16 November 2009 13.07 GMT Edward Woodward, the versatile actor who starred in The Wicker Man and television dramas Callan and The Equalizer, has died at the age of 79. He had been suffering from various illnesses, including pneumonia, and died in hospital, his agent said. Janet Glass issued a statement praising his "brave spirit and wonderful humour". I
  19. *Dustin Hoffman* starred, and was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar, in *Tootsie* which featured, in a non-opening credit, *Bill Murray*
  20. http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2009/nov/13/censored-gay-sex-scenes-here-eternity Censored gay sex scenes in From Here to Eternity revealed Daughter of author James Jones discloses details of cuts insisted upon by the novel's original publisher Alison Flood guardian.co.uk, Friday 13 November 2009 13.23 GMT It is one of the most celebrated images in cinema, an icon of heterosexual romance: Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr kissing as the waves crash over them in the 1953 film From Here to Eternity. But behind the Hollywood gloss is a tale of censorship and repression, with the au
  21. Half a dozen earns a Chinese appetizer = *With Six You Get Eggroll* A thoracic bone from mankind's biblical progenitor
  22. *Charles Chaplin* his understudy on the English stage and with whom he shared a room in a boarding house when both actors came to the United States was *Stan Laurel*
  23. http://www.latimes.com/news/obituaries/la-me-carl-ballantine5-2009nov05,0,6542290.story Carl Ballantine dies at 92; comedy magician was in 'McHale's Navy' cast The performer appeared on many other TV shows, in movies and in Las Vegas. By Dennis McLellan November 5, 2009 Carl Ballantine, the "amazing" comedy magician and character actor who was part of the World War II PT boat crew on the 1960s sitcom "McHale's Navy," has died. He was 92. Ballantine died in his sleep of age-related causes Tuesday at his home in the Hollywood Hills, said his daughter Saratoga Ballantine.
  24. http://www.guardian.co.uk/culture/2009/nov/05/charlie-chaplin-ebay-reel-tin Collector finds unseen Charlie Chaplin film in tin sold for ?3.20 on eBay ? Collector turns detective in search of movie's secret ? Lost war propaganda reel could be worth ?40,000 Charlotte Higgins, chief arts writer guardian.co.uk, Thursday 5 November 2009 23.17 GMT Morace Park was footling around on eBay looking for antiques when he stumbled on an item that was listed casually as an "old film" ? and even then he was really more interested in the tin it was in. "It had a lovely look to it," said
  25. Raising Infant = *Bringing Up Baby* Orb containing flames
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