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  1. I am telling you where its at. If you want to go then go. you say I'm gone then you don't leave. I said everything on this thread without the input of anybody. Now if you have something interesting you want to share then start your own thread. I guarantee I will not post on it in order to derail it. TCM is an old movie channel. but instead of allieviating boredom by increasing their stock of films, the committee has decided in your best interests to repeat the same movies for 15 years. its a tragedy because we are stuck with one channel. Of course everybody is frustrated by this activity. Not only is the channel crooked but the dvd business is also crooked. They are false framing movies and de syncing the sound. here. I will give you some free advice. digital video stabilizer dp 3000 get your dvds out of libraries or rental stores. go. do it now. on this page http://www.220-electronics.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=dp+3000
  2. I told you once DO NOT QUOTE ME unless you agree with me. But your inner immature jerk just can't stop.
  3. You just are a poor judge of good and bad movies. What you need to do is spend 50 years watching movies. By doing that you'll acquire the education necessary. If I say something it is not a theory. Its a fact. If TCM does not show a movie then they did not show a movie. its not a theory. THE RAVEN is his best pic. Did TCM show it? If not Why not? Don't go away mad. just go away.
  4. ARSON SQUAD the movie is a textbook on how the racket operates. High quality expensive goods are removed and replaced by cheap old stuff. Then the fire is set up by wiring the incendiary onto the phone line. Then the culprits merely call the number and the fire is lit. My best guess is the scarcity of the film is due to the studios not wanting people to get ideas & learn how from the film. RIFIFI taught criminals how to disable alarms by spraying foam into the mechanism. Sure. An arson investigator knows every way the crime is done. The movie is worth seeing and is 70 years old! The committee is attaching alot of baggage judgments onto films. If you can't or won't show films then get out of the tv business. The business is showing films. To allow your subscribers to escape boredom. duh
  5. Glad you asked that. TCM can show any PRC picture it wants. WB has gigantic clout - they can show ANY movie ever made if they choose. I don't know if TCM has shown THE RAVEN. But I have not seen it on TCM. Its funny that Landers and Ulmer both made great Karloff / Lugosi pix and both ended up at PRC. Its can almost be considered a punishment being sent down.
  6. Restoration corruption 101 Metropolis - Tower of Babel sequence. it is preachy semi religious. But a point was trying to be made that by creating Metropolis the powers lost touch with the workers & communication was lost. At the end on screen amidst the destruction of the Tower it says: GROSS IST DIE ______ UND JHR SCHOPFER (a word was above the screen ceiling) UND GROSS IST DER MENSCH This is the english language version of complete Metropolis. Why is this in German? Here is a translation of the words from the Australian version in english. GREAT IS THE WORLD AND ITS CREATOR AND GREAT IS MAN The Murnau Stiftung could have used the scene in English for the english language version and did not do so. Why? Because by doing so Might cause problems with existing religious establishments. So Lang's intent was set aside. This is what I mean by judgments. You can't have it both ways. The movie already had a checkered past. What is the point of covering up the girl & misplacing the title? BTW one of the girls (hookers) was seen later on when the car pulls up next to another car at Yoshiwara. She is in the car and altho cut it appears she exposes her breast. See when the hookers are not servicing Freder in the garden, they are busy peddling themselves in Yoshiwara. ONE more thing. I was wrong. The scene of the kids & Maria saying look these are your brothers. was corrected in the Complete Metropolis. It was the Australian Metropolis where the title was deleted. I am man enough to admit I was wrong when I'm wrong. Dr. MABUSE pt. 1 Murnau Stiftung again decided to ignore Lang's intent. There is a scene where a new gambling club opens. A man pops up out of the center of a circular table and talks to the gamblers. He tells them if police raid here is what is going to happen. Then a woman comes down from the ceiling semi naked. It is shown in long shot. Then it is shown closer. Then it is shown in long shot as she disappears. The 2nd shot of the naked woman is missing. The Murnau people destroyed the point of the scene by doing this. Lang intended to show that nudity was ok with police & gambling was not. Which is absurd. So I have pointed out 3 movies in which Murnau restorers were out of line. BUT there is another! VAMPYR. I think everybody knows this by now but I'll repeat it. Cuts were demanded by authorities when the film was released. Murnau stiftung had the cut footage & left it out as an extra. Thereby ruining the movie and ruining Dreyers intent. The scenes are the staking of the vampire in the graveyard by the hero. And the death by suffocation of the doctor who assisted the vampire to get blood. Its mind boggling that they did this. I dont think a single fan of this movie is ok with this activity. There were rumors TCM showed Vampyr with the footage intact. But the TCM version is the same. VAMPYR was shown in this country as Castle of Doom severley cut and narrated. That is a whole other tragedy. Our studios treated films like crap disrespecting authors left and right and cutting them at will with no thought of consideration. I call this motto "If you can't make a great film you can at least destroy a great film." This motto needs to be placed next to the Hollywood sign.
  7. Those titles were made by Landers. But they suck. That is the block of films TCM committee used to avoid the accusation of blacklisting the man. I saw them & it was boresville. There are movies and there are Movies. Why did he have so many good pictures at PRC? Because he was free from big studio interference.
  8. Fritz Lang - was forced to leave germany to remain alive. He ended up here. He was asked to make a movie. He took a long time to decide. MGM happened. He made FURY. it was hated by mayer. Well that is a great start! Metropolis & Dr. Mabuse pt. 1 were restored - However I have problems with missing footage in both. When you restore a movie the No. 1 priority is to replace the images as the author intended. You cannot begin making judgments. Once you do that you slide down the slope into a garbage dumpster. Metropolis was filmed in two versions. German negative & Export negative. I own a great copy of the German version. & the "complete" version is entirely the export negative except one reel. This woman was covered up in the complete version. In the other german version she is naked. Lang wanted this to answer the question: "Who wants to volunteer to entertain Freder today?" This title was deliberately misplaced & appears AFTER the girl volunteers. This woman stepped forward, bowed & turned around as a gesture stating she wanted the job. What was Lang's intent? He was trying to convey that all the women in the picture are hookers who get paid money if they get chosen. By misplacing the title & obscuring the volunteer, the restorers made a judgment against Lang's intent. Trying to cover up the hooker scenario the scene was made for. NEXT - When Maria first appears with a bunch of kids She says to the kids: "Look These are your brothers." Then she says to Freder and all the people there: "Look these are YOUR brothers." only one of these titles is in the complete film. WHY? Because she is laying a guilt trip on the people there for not taking an interest in these kids. There is another incident in which censorship was used. I will tell you that later.
  9. you got one old movie channel in the entire country. Controlled by a committee which by their actions resemble a Central Committee of the Communist Party. All information must go thru it in order to be placed in the minds of tv viewers IN USA. I do not accept this situation. I pay $100 a month to get tcm. I cannot allow my money to be used in this way. Its shameful. Its exactly what we accused other countries and condemned them for. We became the monster we hated. If you can't lick em join em.
  10. another Pabst classic DIARY OF A LOST GIRL since kino is selling all these jew hater movies then the academy should shut them down ala khj ch. 9, right? TCM has not shown it to my knowledge. A funny thing happened - true story - I tried to get the book thru university inter library loan. As my wife was an employee. She brought the application to the dept. & I was watching. The woman in charge got very angry at my wife. I went up there & said "what is the problem?" the woman in charge started backpedaling fast. started to want to disappear. she took the application and did not come back. I was unable to get a copy of the book. the request was blocked. This is the stuff you find when a big lie goes round and takes on a life of its own. Trying to turn pre nazi artists into nazi artists. its ridiculous and stupid but TCM follows this into 21st century absurdity. the films the man need to be recognized as great artists making great art. without the judgments.
  11. KAMARADSCHAFT - an attempt to show how trapped miners can be saved by the combined efforts of germany & France. the print tcm chose (Or rather committee approved) was so bad imagewise and had footage that was not in the film and the framing was so bad. Everything you could do to ruin it was done. This story formed the basis for the Harry M. Popkin film THE WELL which has not been cleared by the committee for consumption by you good people. In THE WELL there is race hatred going wild in a town when a girl is discovered trapped in a well. The town puts aside its squabble long enough to band together & save the girl's life. TCM/academy/Committee believe GW Pabst was a jew hater. So now you got a justification. I'm a jew. And I do not find that in his films. You cannot convince me. All this so called censorship / banning to protect who or what? I have made a point of acquiring every movie. Some very hard to get. To Find Out. SECRETS OF A SOUL the so called jew hater movie. The murnau stiftung chose to restore the movie. Except they decided to remove certain info in the film. I am going to list the stuff the murnau restorers left out: There are a lot of important elements the restorers chose to omit from the movie. There are letters that are opened & are supposed to appear on screen for the audience to read. Gone. A man pulls up on a bike delivering a telegram. Gone. All references to the name of the man Martin Fellman are omitted. When he comes home after leaving his key,he sits down in front of the idol. It disappears leaving only a baby image. Gone. His wife see a dog & litter of puppies, She says: "I wish I had a child." Gone. The Murnau people made the movie incoherent by this censorship. Its a disgrace. They had no right to do these changes to the movie as they are not part of the creative process. The name Martin Fellman tells you what? It tells you his psychosis caused him to become impotent. To remove the name is ridiculous. TCM has not shown Secrets of a Soul. There is nothing in this movie that is bad. its all total bull$h!t. the murnau people just did the very worst thing. They destroyed their credibility as restorers.
  12. CRIME INC. had to do with studios short changing unons while paying punk money to mafia operatives. its a fact. they were caught and jailed for extortion. AMONG THE LIVING a great movie not shown by TCM albert dekker as a psycho with an evil twin. sorta like mr. hyde with a bad side. "lift your skirt a little higher..... yeah a little higher .... ok now come over here.... if you do the right thing you can have the part........"
  13. the committee does not exist according to our dear overlords. you know that and I know that but does the committee know that? Stroheim's next picture THE DEVIL'S PASSKEY was destroyed. deliberately burnt. One of the most sought after films. Did not cost 1,000,000$.................. TCM has never shown Blind Husbands to my knowledge. WHY? Because baby Peggy was more important.
  14. Avalanche mine is in english lobby cards comes in a set of 8 and a pressbook the cover of the pressbook is 11 x 17 I can have it blown up to poster size but as yet I haven't done so.
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