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  1. http://www.moviesunlimited.com/musite/product.asp?sku=D06981 Looks like the Philo Vance Collection is coming on 2/15. Movies unlimited has it for pre-order. I wonder if it will be DVD or DVDr
  2. These Steelbooks are so tempting, but I hate to keeping buying the same movie over and over... ....
  3. Thanks...Also Filmchest is releasing Pitfull. I havent seen this one but it sounds interesting
  4. TCM is releasing the Glass Key,Phantom Lady and Blue Dahlia in a box set & A Carole Lombard 1930s set as well. I sure hope these havent been posted earlier but I just found out ! [ |http://shop.tcm.com/detail.php?p=382488&SESSID=ad6d21602ef906178822e75e61617c97]http://shop.tcm.com/detail.php?p=382527&SESSID=ad6d21602ef906178822e75e61617c97
  5. 70.00 for the Preminger set 90.00 for the Noir Set http://forum.blu-ray.com/showthread.php?t=195802&page=29
  6. Both Sept. and Oct are going to be *hella* expensive with all of them boxsets coming. I want it all !
  7. Yes I read that, I meant at some point would they be available as individual discs. I might get the box set if the price is right - love the design. I wish North by Northwest wasnt on the set since I have the digibook and the DVD from the Hitchcock set which I may part with with movies getting released from it ( Strangers on a Train and Dial M for MONEY
  8. Cool set, I just received an email about it too...I wonder if these will be available seperately or just in a huge box set
  9. Yeah Twilight Times prices are way off the charts and hardly contain any extras - Im really picky too. I own 3 of them. It would be great if they would at least port over the bonus features from the DVDs if they have any - such as Mysterious Island
  10. Conspiracy, Doorway to Hell, Homicide all sound good, but my willpower is strong so Im going to rent them first I dont buy too many things blind anymore unless it is really a sure thing based on my tastes.
  11. Im excited about the Colossus of NY coming to Blu, it already looked great in SD. *Rome Express* I know nothing about it but it is intriging and will rent it first I ordered blindly the movie *Grand Central Murder* to try the new ordering process on the website and it was on sale, plus I like Mystery Noir so why not ??? The ordering on the site seemed, well, the same actually The other one that sounds good is Homicide and House Across the Street but my budget will not let me order no more than one WB Archive a month (if that) Too many great Blu Rays coming out this year ( Gorgo, the 39
  12. There are more TCM sets coming out in June including a *Legends Joan Crawford s*et in June (these were released in a box set and separetley over the years) with Mildred Pierce, Possessed , etc .. I thought about getting it but it depends on if they carry the same features in the older releases. Something else of interest is coming out too {font:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif}{size:12px}Women in Danger - 1950s Thrillers DVD {font}{font:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif}{size:12px}This sounded so cool I pre-ordered it based on what I read on the films in the set Women in Hiding and Female on the
  13. I will add Journey to the Center of the Earth is also available on DVD from Fox.
  14. I didnt see any post for this but Twilight Time is releasing on BluRay this May & June # *Journey to the Center of the Earth - (James Mason)* # *The Big Heat ( great Noir ! )* # *The Wayward Bus* # *As Good As It Gets* Im very much looking forward to the first two
  15. I ordered a couple of titles..Home Before Dark & Girl Missing / Illicit Too bad the new releases werent included..they all sound interesting and Im going to rent them all.. I did order Woman on the Beach as I have seen it courtesy of Manga DVD ( their import) but wanted the Archive so I dont have to adjust the DVD to not hear Robert Ryan being dubbed in Spanish !
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