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  1. It's been randomly up and down the whole past week. There's no telling when it will tell you, no movie for you. One thing I discovered is that if you get that annoying "content not available" message, back out and try the same movie again. I did that three times in a row and the third time it worked. (Though that doesn't always work). Who knows.
  2. Well good luck with that. I experienced nothing but problems with DirecTV Now. I spent more time watching the spinning circle of buffering than actual TV shows. And DTVN's customer "service" consists of a web site, accessible only from one single particular type of browser where you have to wait an hour for anyone to answer, if that even works at all. Then they always tried to blame me for it. It's my ISP, it's my router, it's everything except them. I finally switched to Sony's PS Vue and all those problems suddenly went away. Plus PS Vue offers Watch TCM while DTVN does not. DTVN
  3. Oh great - AT&T, the only company I hate more than Time Warner. I canceled my DirecTV Now plan with them because they had zero customer service. Do I detect a pattern here?
  4. Ugh. I should have known Time Warner had their greasy fingers in this. At least that explains why writing to the TCM "Help" Desk never achieves anything. I love classic movies but I hate Time Warner.
  5. I once sent them a question about something a few years back. After not getting anything more than their standard form letter, I sent another request. And another. Finally after three months and twelve messages to them I just gave up. Which is no doubt what they wanted in the first place. If anyone ever read any of them at all. What we really need is Ted Turner's home phone number.
  6. I'm having the same problem. With Sony PS Vue streaming and the Watch TCM Roku app, 90% of the movies suddenly just say "Content not available, watch something else". Everything was working fine for over a year - until two days ago. I submitted a report to the Help Desk, like that's going to do anything.
  7. **** - all of a sudden starting two days ago, 90% of the movies I try to watcg on Watch TCM just show a pop-up that says something like "Sorry, this content is not available at this time. Watch something else." Well if I wanted to watch "seomthing else" I'd have clicked on that in the first place. How about fixing your stupid broken app, TCM?
  8. The question is why I can't use my DirecTV Now login credentials to access the Watch TCM app. It offers up a list of what must be 100 different providers, but DTVN isn't one of them. When I asked DTVN, they said it was TCM's choice. I suppose TCM will tell me it was DTVN's choice. I get TCM in my DTVN package, so why can't I use the app?
  9. I've been trying for weeks now to get an answer from TCM to a simple question by posting it using the "Contact Us" button on the right side of the forum screen. But I never hear a word. I've sent them multiple requests and never get a reply. Has anyone here EVER gotten a reply to a question they've posed via the Contact Us form? Or does anyone have a real email or phone number to actually reach a human being at TCM? TCM, you treat your customers with even more arrogance than AT&T, and that's saying a lot.
  10. Ful Metal Jacket, the scene where the helicopter door gunner is raking the countryside with his .50 cal shouting "Get some!": "How can you kill women and children?" "Easy - you just don't lead 'em so much!"
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