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  1. Gone With The Wind Atlantic City or City By the Sea
  2. Thank God in heaven for this thread. I live in a town where they are upset that since Reese won the Oscar she is so big now that she will not do Legally Blonde 3. Can you imagine what I go through. No one here gets any of these films. I hands down say Judy is the mos underrated actress. I am glad to know that info MGM. Did not know that and now I relish her even more. I loved Adam's Rib where I first saw her. Her voice in Yesterday just kills me on her opening line, WHAT, in such a way that you swore it was a chorus of baritone men. Then she speaks like high pitched. That killed me. I love
  3. I look at what women called the matinee Idols of yesteryear. And I can see Grant as the best and Hudson. Who would you name from time gone by? And any today? What is on my mind is who the hell today would be considered a matinee idol. I can only think of George Clooney. Women is much easier for me. Today it is Angelina Jolie. Heart be still. I have to admit that I never knew how talented Marilyn Monroe was until TCM came along as I only knew her from Some Like it Hot and playboy.
  4. That's it. Thank you Rich. Now I can sleep. I wish they'd show that. And the titile make total sense given the plotline, I should have remembered that. It's the Jim Beam. LOL.
  5. I can't drink as I have to get up early for work in the morning if that don't beat all. The other day I saw a film with Doris Day, Rock Hudson and Tony Randall. Lover Come Back. Hey it was good. Now I have lost three days sleep and the bourbon is killing me because I can not figure out the name of the movie where Hudson mistakingy thinks he is dying. He hears what he thinks is his diagnosis and it is someone eles'es. Dear God people answer this so I can sleep. Thanks, Brad
  6. Oh my gosh. I just remembered because of what you said. You are right and now my sorry mind remembers the other and I'm a gonna tell you why. Because when Osboune was telling this story of the three, I thought, now ain't that something cause Barbra oddly enough was the one to present it over 25 years later to the next person and I remember the look on ol Babs face. I thought she looked embarrassed for the academy. I was. It was M & M for Loose Yourself in 8 Mile. Now aint that something.
  7. Zhou Yu's Train. I wanted so badly to come up with something other than Zorba as I bet my **** that has been mentioned more than Roger Clemens this week.
  8. Thank God I was wearing underwear and not going commando because I almost you know what my pants in Borders because of their sale. They have almost every Best Pic for sale. I was in the store yesterday and for 9.99 each was all these movies. I realized they owe me about 3200.00 back in money. I was mader than Roger Clemes. Idiot. But here is what I got for 9.99 each. So you get there now. How Green Was My Valley All About Eve Breakfast at Tiffany's (tons of copies of that one, that was odd, you think ol Audrey'd be sold out) L A Confidential which lost best pic to Titanic. That loss ma
  9. I'm about as excited as the sale at Kohl's today. I am starting a thread and gonna see what happens. After reading that topic about newcomers, I am not sure what to think. Hells bells I was writing somebody about Walter Mathau singing in Hello Dolly when Dolly should have beat his **** off the screen. Get my point. So who else do you all think should have had the human decency for us mortals paying all this damned money for ticket stubs and could have saved us the big bucks by turning down the role? I got to go now, my washer just went off balance again. SOB.
  10. pickle reminds of me the great old Yours, Mine and Hours....Lucy and Henry had 18 kids. Wives love pickes when pregnant you know. New word. I hope I read directions right. word: numerous
  11. Well I'll be pickle with a nut. I can't think of a classic with an X. so pardon me but I have to go with the horrible X-Men. Though Halle Berry is good to look at.
  12. LOL. My gosh Bio if you read this come back. That was hysterical. I don't know how to add to it. But I'll give it a go. Casandra throws the cookies from the pan straight out of the ovens and into the men's faces and takes her mits to the french doors opening them to her deceased mother's parlor and sets aflame the mansion with matches from Lefty's Eatery only to be reduced to tears as the fire sprinker comes on. She flees while her sister is heard cackling from within the closet.
  13. Dear Lord in Heaven I thought we had things in this country to be concerned about given the state of our choices for upcoming elections, the state of education and it's decline, and the troops needlessly dying, and their bravery for going over there due to our oval office, and the lower wards in my home state not being addressed while our tax dollars build a football team a new stadium, and thousands loose their homes in California fires, but dear God where were my priorites. I have sinned. I should have been focused on the misgivings of 70's films being on TCM. Forgive me. I beat my chest in
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