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  1. Thank You LawrenceA!!! Most of the time I can google some details and identify the movie I'm looking for if I can't remember any actors names to use imdb to solve my quest but this time I struck out. This one has been bugging me for a while but I would never take the time to post it here. Thanks Again!!!! Much Appreciated!!! ......great Joker photo by the way!!!
  2. OK. Calling All Great TCM-I.D.-Meisters! Sorry for the very few and sketchy details! Foreign movie (from maybe the 80's???) that I saw on TCM late night maybe 6-8 years ago. Part of the plot involves an alien/creature that lives in the female lead's apartment and apparently has a sexual relationship with her. The only actor/actress that I recognized in the movie was the female lead but I can't remember her name. I can think of no other clues to help with this. Thanks in Advance For Any Help!!!!
  3. Thanks so much for identifying the actress. If that is Ann Miller, is there any chance the movie is Easter Parade? I have never seen that movie but she was supposed to have a famous dance from that, Shaking the Blues Away. Thanks to all again and Thanks to TCM Klaatu-Joe-Bob
  4. In one of the promo's for the 31 days of Oscar there is a lady dancer in red that appears right after the clip from Some Like it Hot. I cannot place this movie and it's driving me crazy. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. Klaatu-Joe-Bob
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